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Your Daily Smiles Best Christmas Present 2017

2017 Best Gift Your Daily Smiles

Your Daily Smiles Best Christmas Present 2017 – If you have ever used the words “she/he are so hard to buy for” look no further! We are all about feel good presents for our friends and loved ones this year and we hit the jackpot when we found Your Daily Smiles.

UPDATE! Your Smile Daily is offering We’ve Tried It friends 40% off all smile boxes ordered in the month of July 2018. Seriously! There is no better time to put a smile on a loved ones face all month long! Your code is: XMASINJULY – spread the word and share this post!

This gift is perfect for friends, relatives, boss, co-workers, teachers and anyone you think deserves a daily smile. Best part, it’s only $24.99!

Best Christmas Present 2017

It is simple, go on Yourdailysmiles.com and click create a box. After you make yourself an account you enter the persons name that you wish the create a box for. You will then be taken to a page that provides a link for you to send out to people who are close to the person receiving the box. You can email or Facebook message anyone that you wish to contribute to the gift.

Here is an example of what to send:

Hey there, I need your help with a surprise gift for Sally Smith.

I’m asking friends and family to submit up to 5 feel-good messages for Sally. These can be memories, well wishes, compliments and the like. It takes literally 3 minutes (or less). Basically anything that will put a smile on Sally’s face.

My goal is to have all submissions done WITHIN 3 DAYS. After that, a cherished gift box with your messages will be sent to Sally. Here’s the link to submit your messages:

The link will appear here.

Thank you so much for your response! And remember… It’s a SURPRISE

The gift that keeps on giving. Send the invite out to as many people as you can think of, some won’t respond so overdoing it is okay. Encourage everyone to put in 5 feel-good messages, they are given the option of submitting one to five. Wouldn’t it be great if your special person could get a smile everyday for the next several months to come?

In order for your box to make it to your friend by Christmas the box must be closed and submitted by December 10th. This will give you plenty of time to be creative.

Your Daily Smiles Present

We wish you a wonderful holiday season filled with smiles and love. If you think this gift idea is as great as  we do, be sure to share this story.

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