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Which Wich Banh Mi Sandwich PhatPhood Review

Which Wich Review Banh Mi

Which Wich Banh Mi Sandwich PhatPhood Review: Bánh mì is Vietnamese for bread, but has come to mean any type of meat-filled sandwich. Find out what PhatPhood thought…

One of the fast food sandwich chains Which Wich decided to jump on the “World of Flavor” craze and is now offering an Americanized version of the Banh Mi sandwich.

The flavors were pretty much there. The jalapeños were fresh and very spicy. The Sriracha mayo was on point. It didn’t taste like the carrots and cucumbers were pickled at all and was missing the daikon altogether but again, the flavors were there.

Bahn Mi Review

The worst part next to the $7.50 before tax price was the pulled pork. There is just too much liquid involved, and if you don’t eat this sandwich within 10 minutes it will become a soggy mess. It dripped the entire time I ate it.

In my opinion this is a mediocre attempt at offering flavors from around the world. I gave it 3/5…I’d get it again to satisfy my cravings when there are no other similar options near by, which is often the case.

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