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Venison Jerky Recipe

Venison Jerky Weve Tried It

Venison Jerky Recipe: It’s deer hunting season again and if you are like my house, you still have some venison from last season. We decided to make jerky with our roasts in order to make room for fresh venison.


1 Tbs. Salt
1 Tbs. Onion Powder
1 Tbs. Garlic Powder
1 Tsp. Pepper
1/2 Tsp. Cayenne Pepper
1 Tbs. Worcestershire Sauce
1/4 Cup Teriyaki Sauce
3-4 Lb. Venison Roast

Slice the roast into 1/8″ – 1/4″ thick slices with the grain. Mix all dry ingredients together and then add your wet ingredients; mix thoroughly. Place your slices of venison in the marinade; covering completely. Refrigerate overnight.

Dehydrate the venison for 6-7 hours. I rotated trays every 1 1/2 – 2 hours.

Dehydrate until tenderness is to your liking. Note: Jerky will seem to be more dry over time after dehydration. So what one would think is too tender or underdone could be just right over 1 hour or 2 after.

Do you dehydrate your venison? Share your recipe with us in the comments below.

Venison Jerky Recipe

3 Comments Published

written on 9 July 2015 - Reply

Thank you for a new jerky recipe! Some of the ones I have tried list “liquid smoke” as an ingredient, but I’m not all that crazy about the taste–especially since I think it may cause my head to ache! I know food is all about experimenting, but I always think if I leave something out, it will ruin the whole recipe, or mess with the ratios too much. This one I don’t have to worry about leaving it out, since it’s not in there to begin with! Thanks for your efforts. I can’t wait to try the jerky!!!

written on 24 December 2015 - Reply

i just finished marinating my deer meat from this recipe & have it soaking in the fridge. I placed the meat in ziplock bags instead of a bowl. Smells amazing, can’t wait to get it dehydrated & try it!!!!

written on 25 December 2015 - Reply

after spending 2 days making this jerky, it’s very hot & spicy. I recommend against it.

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