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Using Fabric Softener to Tame Hard to Manage Hair

Before and after

Our friend Jenni sent the above photo to our Facebook page on how to detangle doll hair and asked if we could try this on her. We thought it was funny that she would compare her hair to a doll until I went over the following morning and saw her frizzy hair.

Frizzy hair

The above photo is the before fabric softener spray was applied. First I brushed it out and it was frizzy and dry looking. I sprayed her dry hair with the solution until it was wet all over. I then blew dry her hair and it looked like she had it professionally straightened.

Fabric Softener Hair

We didn’t really go by any directions because we were going off of the top doll photo. I looked into this process online and found that many people use fabric softener to tame their tresses.

Fabric softener can detangle your hard-to-manage hair, while leaving your hair conditioned and silky.

Instructions: Pour 3 cups of warm water into a clean spray bottle, Add 3 tbsp. liquid fabric softener. Replace the spray bottle’s cap and shake the bottle to combine the water and the fabric softener.

Get ready as you normally would, wash and condition your hair and then towel dry. Spray hair with the fabric softener spray solution, around 10 squirts for medium length hair. Comb hair with a wide-tooth comb and dry as usual.

We want to know if you have ever tried fabric softener on your hair and what the results were. Leave us a comment below.

Top photo credit: Pinterest

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