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The Prop Laptop Stand Review


The Prop Laptop Stand Review: Does your laptop overheat? We have the perfect sleek and simple solution. Our good friend Jacque told us about ‘The Prop’ when we were talking about our laptops possibly bursting into flames.

The Prop is a lightweight, portable stand designed to let air flow underneath your laptop while at the same time providing a slightly angled work surface for comfortable typing and reading.

Justin Brouillette and Nicholas Pajerski came up with the idea during architecture school while working on computers that ran a bit too hot. When they couldn’t find an affordable and portable solution to help keep their laptop batteries cool and running efficiently, they designed the first Prop prototype in Adobe Illustrator and brought it to life on the laser cutters right on campus.


Translucent and minimalist in its design, The Prop blends in anywhere it goes. Made in Nebraska to accommodate up to 17″ laptops, The Prop consists of just two pieces that are as easy to snap together as they are to take apart and stow in your bag. So wherever you and your laptop go, your Prop can go too.

Jacque said, “The laptop stand is minimal and let’s air flow, so the laptop does not get hot. I have my laptop connected to my thunderbolt monitor so it is always closed…my old stand took up so much space.”


We love the fact that is can be taken apart and fits nicely in your laptop bag. The Prop can be purchased at TheGrommet.com.

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Photo Credit: The Grommet

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