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The Original Makeup Eraser Review

Makeup Eraser Weve Tried It Review

The Original Makeup Eraser Review – The original Makeup Eraser removes your makeup with just water! Removes waterproof mascara in seconds, all natural, no chemicals, machine washable, and more – we put it to the test!

Unless we have a party or a special meeting I generally don’t wear makeup. I can tell you that when I do wear makeup my least favorite part is taking off the makeup with chemicals and smelly products. So, when Gina Williamson contacted We’ve Tried It about trying out the Makeup Eraser we were excited and hopeful!

The washcloth is so plush, I wish it was a blanket. One side has a shorter nap that you use with warm water to remove your make up and the other side has a longer nap that you use for exfoliating after you have removed your makeup. Check out our video review below.

Makeup Eraser

Another BIG bonus to this product is that it will last for 1000 washes. That means for 3 years you won’t have to buy any makeup remover – that is some serious savings!


We wanted to update you on our review and let you know that 3 years later we are still using this product daily. No harsh chemicals and my face still feels clean every time I take my makeup off. Love it!

You can purchase the Makeup Eraser Here

This is one of those products that we can’t say enough good things about. My 14 year old child has sensitive skin and we have a hard time finding face cleaner that isn’t going to cause irritation. She is loving the Makeup Eraser. We are buying these as Christmas gifts – the gift that keeps on giving.

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