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The Music Man Chanhassen Dinner Theatres Review

Right before the pandemic started, we were able to see Chanhassen Dinner Theatres Meredith Willson’s The Music Man. Fast forward about 16 months and Chanhassen Dinner Theater has finally announced the re-opening of The Music Man happening July 2nd, 2021. Chanhassen Dinner Theatres Meredith Willson’s The Music Man review – No swindling here! We would definitely recommend giving all your monies to the CDT to see Meredith Willson’s to watch Mr. Hill con his way into your heart. The show will have your heart racing as you try to keep up with the upbeat musical numbers, from the opening act which grabs your attention with the fast talking sales men to the amazing quartet that sweep you away with their amazing a capella talent through out the show. Be prepared to laugh during this comedic musical as you journey back to 1912 and see what trouble has been brought to River City, Iowa. Follow “Professor” Harold Hill as he charms his way into the lives of the residents of River City to trick the money out of folks to start a youth marching band. Everyone is intrigues by Hill besides the skeptical librarian Marian Paroo and the town Mayor, George Shinn. Mayor Shinn begins searching for Professor Hill’s true credentials. Marian is ready to blow Hill’s cover but then has a change of heart when she witnesses her self-conscious brother, Winthrop, come out of his shell after he picks up a cornet. Does Hill follow through and leave town with more money is his pocket than he arrived with? Go see the show and find out!

The opening act was one of our favorite parts of the show. You’ll want to bop in your seat along with the salesmen as they sing “Rock Island”.  A group of salesmen talk about a salesman who doesn’t know the territory but somehow gets the sale. Listen closely because it’s fast paced and will have you saying “whadayatalk, whadayatalk, whadayatalk!” if you can’t keep up.

Main characters Michael Gruber as Harold Hill and Ann Michels as Marian Paroo meshed so well together making the show look that much more effortless.  We were was so happy to see the return of actress Ann Michels. Her voice captivates us as she sang “My White Knight’ leaving the entire audience in aw from her amazing voice and talent we were fortunate to witness.

Other memorable parts of the show were the making of the quartet and their many scenes throughout the show. You’ll fall in love with Alek Knezevich, Evan Tyler Wilson, John-Michael Zuerlein and Shad Olsen the same way they fell in love with themselves. The harmonization of “Sincere” a capella was executed effortlessly.

Despite a few fumbles, the recoveries were flawless. The show runs until December 31st, 2021. Use coupon code MMPC21 to get dinner free when ordered online before 7/1/21. *Limit 12 tickets, Not valid with offers/discounts, NYE or previous purchased tickets. Other restrictions may apply. *  We tried it and we recommend it. Now you have all the credentials. Go see the show!

Get tickets at https://chanhassendt.com/musicman/

Photo Credit : Dan Norman

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