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The Addams Family Great Theatre Company Review

The Addams Family Great Theatre Company

This weekend I attended The Addams Family musical put on by GREAT Theatre at The Paramount Theatre in St. Cloud.  Lets see how corny I can be, well… it was a ghoulishly good time!  Dead funny.  Okay, that’s enough.

First, the Paramount is fabulous!  Everything made for a comfortable experience, besides the chairs.  No worries though since they, with theatre goers donations,  will soon be swapped out with new ones after 66 years of numbing our bottoms and aching our backs.  This theatre also offers beer and wine in the lobby for a decent $5 along with candy and snacks.  Definitely check out the paintings along their walls, some are even for sale.

The Addams Family musical was as quirky and dark as the original TV show.  The sets were dark and clever and the musical numbers were entertaining and very Broadway.  All the musical acts were also catchy and filled with big stage dancing, yet performed on the intimate smaller stage that Paramount offers.   There were fun references made from The Honeymooners to Charlie Sheen, and one of my favorites from Grandma to Pugsley after he said he didn’t understand her references, “Well stop texting all the damn time and read a book!”  There were a couple profane words used, nothing too harsh, and some reference to sexual content.

All of the actors did a superb job, however, Uncle Fester stole the show.  With surprisingly superb vocal resonance as well as an entertaining narrator, Brandon Bodien is my notable mention.  Not to take anything away from the other twenty one talented actors that delivered a seamless kooky and spooky musical that I totally recommend seeing during its run of engagement through February 15th.

You can purchase ticket for The Addams Family musical here.

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