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Streaming Media Comparisons: Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime

We have been asked by one of our readers to compare the most popular streaming media services.

After doing some research and speaking to a few people we have come up with the following information.

Netflix vs Hulu Plus vs Amazon Prime

The three most popular streaming media companies right now are Netflix, Hulu Plus & Amazon Prime. The costs are pretty similar, Netflix and HuluPlus both run $8.00 per month for basic service which is streaming only. With Netflix you can add an additional service for dvd delivery for $7.99 – $11.99 per month depending on how many dvd’s you would like to be able to get at a time. Amazon prime is billed annually at $99.00 which comes out to $8.25 monthly. Your Amazon prime service give you the additional benefit of free two-day shipping for any Amazon purchase.

Netflix has the largest selection of movies and shows, but not all their movies are available for download, so to see their entire collection you have to subscribe to both services. They have licensing contracts with 4 main networks as well as Starz, BBC, Sony and DreamWorks so you have the ability to watch your favorite network shows. Another benefit of Netflix is they do not play any ads.

HuluPlus comes in second when it comes to selection of movies and shows. HuluPlus has licensing deals with Fox, NBC, Disney, MTV and many other cable channels. HuluPlus is known to update its library more frequently which means you can catch up on your favorite shows more quickly. The biggest draw back that I have heard is the ads. You must watch multiple advertisements with each download, and if you rewind to catch up on a part you have to watch the ad again.

Amazon Prime is the newest to the media service market. They have a smaller library, but are expanding it quickly. Their biggest sell seems to be the free 2 day shipping. With Amazon Prime you are making a 1 year commitment as it is billed annually.

All three do offer a free trial, with Netflix & Amazon Prime offering a 30 day trial and HuluPlus offering only a 1 week trial.

There are some great options available to help lower or eliminate a pay for tv bill. It’s nice that you can give each one a try and see what works best for your tv viewing preferences.

We currently use Netflix and are very happy with it.  Paying monthly with the option to cancel at any time. Let us know what you use and if you are satisfied with it!

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