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Phatphood Eating Twin Cities: Wingstop

Wingstop Minnesota

Phatphood Eating Twin Cities: Wingstop – I Finally came to check out Wingstop. It’s another franchise that has migrated from the south and finally has landed two locations here in Minnesota. The first was over a year ago in Roseville at the Har Mar Mall. The second location opened up earlier this summer in Brooklyn Center. I’ll tell you a little more about the place below, but for now lets get to the important stuff first, them wangs!

Wingstop 1

Korean Q – A trial run sauce here at Wingstop until the end of November. I have a feeling this will become a permanent menu sauce. Trying it out on the boneless. Very tasty with a little heat. It stands up to the name quite well. Definitely will do well.

wingstop 2

Cajun – Hot with a southern twist. That they are. A great dry rub here at Wingstop with a perfect amount of heat I recommend getting them on the bone-in wings only. Their dry rubs are butter based wish doesn’t sit well on the breaded boneless wings. Which is why they will never be able to sell their dry rubs alone. This is my least favorite out of their dry rubs, probably would never get again since there are two amazing ones I’d always go with.

wingstop 3

Lemon Pepper – A hit of citrus and black pepper. A perfect combo. These are wonderful. If you haven’t heard from Rick Ross already, these are a must get on every visit. Again, a dry rub, so only get on the bone-in wangs. My second favorite dry rub.

wingstop 4

Mango Habanero – Sweet and spicy collide. Another perfect combo. This use to be a test sauce that made its way onto the menu permanently. It’s a given, the heat lingers after the sweetness fades. Packs a good punch. I could use them a tad bit hotter. Tried it on Wingstop’s boneless.

wingstop 5

Hickory Smoked BBQ – Sweet. Smokey. Rich. Not to name drop, but this sauce reminds me of a sauce I grew up on, Ken Davis. Sorry, not sorry. This is a really good sauce that they nailed with their description. Nothing more I can write. Tried it on Wingstop’s boneless.

wingstop 6

Louisiana Rub – A southern mix with hints of garlic. Some may disagree, but for me, this is my favorite. It even beats out lemon pepper. It’s just a really decent dry rub with the perfect kick. I will be adding these to every future order.

wingstop 7

Fries – They are not basic by any means. It was recommend that I get the cheese sauce either over the fries or at least as a dipping sauce. I believe these fries stand strong just with their own secret seasoning (I asked, they wouldn’t tell me). The cheese is good, but I would recommend either their bleu cheese or ranch that are both scratch made here. I’m a huge honey mustard fan, so I was dipping away in that since they have a really good one here as well. Did I mention these are hand cut? Oh, you can also get them seasoned with their dry rub seasonings. I’ll give that a try on the next visit.

wingstop 8

Wingstop’s Baked Rolls – Oh my damn, these are being ordered for my Thanksgiving dinner. They are doused in butter and are amazing. Give me some pulled pork and it’s over.

wingstop 13

I also tried their coleslaw and potato salad. Both great sides. I did not try their veggie sticks, but I wanted fried food and I wanted it all. Plus I’m not really here to tell you what a carrot tastes like. I would go with the traditional bone-in wing on all orders. I wanted to give everything a try with every option available for review sake. Bone-in is the way to go here.

wingstop 12

At this Roseville location, you can enter from the parking lot or through the Har Mar Mall. It is open until Midnight every day and even though 70% of their business is call ahead carryout, they do have a 42-seat dining area with 2 TV’s with fountain soda and bottled beer. Ordering is pretty simple and self-explanatory, but the staff is knowledgeable and can break it down for you if needed. You can watch your wings being cooked and tossed with a view of the kitchen from either the ordering area or if you dine-in. They also do catering and are looking to do delivery in the future.

wingstop 9

If you go, tell ’em Phatphood sent ya! When you do go, or if you already have been, I’d love to hear/read what is your favorite dry rub or sauce.

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written on 12 January 2016 - Reply

Hey Phatphood,
This is one of our favorite places to eat as a family. The fries are to die for (I have asked for the seasoning recipe many times as well and they never give it up lol) and our favorite is also Louisiana Rub with a few Teriyaki. We prefer the boneless, but all they’re food is amazing. Oh and ever since I had their home made ranch , no other ranch tastes right. They wont tell me how they make that either lmao. #Wingstop

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