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Phatphood Eating Twin Cities: The Pointe

pointe 24

Phatphood Eating Twin Cities: The Pointe – Oh oh…we went and did it again. This time bar food at its finest. The Pointe in Prior Lake, MN is where we are taking this next episode of Eating Twin Cities or aka a little segment we like to call #FOODPORN that will air next week 10/28/15 on MY29 on ‘On The Fly’ with my co-eater Tony Fly. When you pull up to The Pointe you think to yourself, “this place is huge!” When you walk inside you get the same vibe, with multiple dining areas and a 200-inch screen showing life-sized sport players taking action. Let’s see if the food holds up to all of this bigness.

Pointe 1

The staff has a “we get up at the same time you do on the weekends” mentality, so we decided to try a few hangover items here first. Ultimate Bloody Mary ~ House infused pepper vodka and Bloody Mary mix, bacon swizzle stick with brown sugar and bourbon, a skewer with summer sausage, cheddar, pepper jack, pepperoni, green olive, pepperoncini, shrimp and a pickle.

pointe 20

Great flavored Bloody, with a medium spice and good skewer choices. The bacon swizzle stick, now that’s the ‘twist’ on this Bloody to make it stand out from others. Brilliant! 10am-2pm is when they serve breakfast, and it’s definitely not an after church function. It is more like, come pick up your car from the night before cure. So you will mostly see everyone from the night before.

Pointe 2

Breakfast Chimi ~ House prepared cheesy hash browns, scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, mushrooms, onions and cheddar jack cheese, all wrapped in a tortilla, deep-fried and covered with queso. Served with tots, sour cream, tomatoes, red onions, their house made guacamole and salsa. 
Okay, if I had a hangover, it would easily be cured by their Ultimate Bloody Mary and this smothered goodness. Grease is the remedy and they have it here. Their guac is pretty impressive as well!

pointe 5

Chicken & Beef Giant Nachos ~ House made tortilla chips, Colby jack, queso, chicken, beef, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, black olives, jalapeños, cilantro, sour cream and house made salsa and guacamole (fresh everyday).

Pointe 4

When you order nachos at any restaurant, this is what you envision. Not a flat plate of chips and cheese, but a mound of gloriousness that challenges your appetite ego. Tony Fly branded this “The Nacho Eclipse.” Pretty righteous. I will get this often and I will finish it.

Pointe 3

Jalapeño Cheese Burger ~ Hand-patted ground beef, pepper jack cheese, jalapeños, bacon, Thai chili sauce a jalapeño and cream cheese roll, served on a brioche bun. With house made potato chips.

I found yet another local favorite. Thank you for only being 10-minutes down the road. When this was presented to us, we both were shocked to see what we assumed was an egg roll on a burger, and with Thai chili sauce!? Pretty insane, and different…and I love it! It works! It amazingly works!

pointe 9

Burkey Turger ~ House ground turkey burger (bacon, carrots, onions and special seasonings) topped with Bacon Sriracha aioli, Swiss cheese, bacon, avocado and a fried egg. Served on a brioche bun with waffle fries.

This is the unhealthiest, healthiest meal I’ve encountered here thus far, but I dig it. They’ve managed to make the turkey not only taste wonderful, but to keep it extremely juicy. No dry tuger here. Plus they had me at bacon and eggs. Doesn’t that avocado look vibrant? I guess you could get it with out all of the good stuff on it and make it a more healthier option, but nah!

pointe 10

Brat Burger ~ House ground sausage patty, Swiss cheese, bacon and Thai chili kraut served on a pretzel brat. Of course, with some tots.

It’s different that’s for sure. That’s what I’m into. It won’t be my go to burger, not with that jalapeño cream cheese one I just devoured here, that’s for sure. This is unique with the kraut and I love the brat patty. A super-fresh soft pretzel bun makes this a favorite for locals I’m told.

pointe 6

pointe 19

Dagwood ~ Four slices of sourdough, warm ham, bacon, salami, pepperoni, turkey, roast beef, Swiss, white American, pepper jack, lettuce, tomato, onion and Dijon mayo.

 Gluten free? Not here. That’s damn near a loaf of bread right there.

pointe 7

Just your typical Dagwood here, kind of…Only a bigger, and more impressive version. Was served with their “famous, yet not famous” cheese curds. Light, crisp and delightful they were.

pointe 8

Needed a break. I am getting stretch marks as I type. Time for a refreshing Caramel Appletini, you know, to soothe this gluttony. Yup, they do these here too. This was actually really good. I feel fancy.

pointe 16

Mixed Grill ~ Skewers of scallops, bacon wrapped shrimp, Szechwan chicken, garlic herb steak, pork belly and vegetables served on cilantro rice.

pointe 11

Truly the healthiest dish of the night. The Pointe, on-a-stick. That pork belly was scrumptious. Generous portions once again. Scallops had a perfect sear. The two different aioli’s were terrific and paired nicely with the battered mahi mahi and the pork belly. This is a great mixed dish perfect for sharing. But just that you know the pork belly and scallops are mine.

pointe 13

The Pork Skyscraper ~ two beef patties, one house made brat patty, house smoked pulled pork with Carolina BBQ sauce, bacon, Canadian bacon, bacon Sriracha aioli, Swiss, coleslaw, fried onion strings and a fried pickle. 
 This little piggy was a beast!! I’m in my zone.

pointe 12

The waffle fries are literally the foundation to hold this leaning tower of meats. Ridiculous, yet proper at the same damn time. The mothership has landed right here at The Pointe in Prior Lake. I triple dog dare ya!

pointe 17

Mocha Cheesecake ~ House made cheesecake with coffee grounds, coffee liqueur, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. They make a new house made cheesecake every week here. This one is pretty badass. This week is nearly half over, do the right thing. A great little slice of heaven, with a slight caffeine buzz. Yum.

So after all, the portions of the dishes served here do in fact hold up to the size of this grill/bar/venue. You can come watch your favorite sports team (this place is known as Wild central) or you can come one of the few nights a week that they have a band playing on stage. Oh, they also have pretty decent Deejays a couple times out of the month as well. All while indulging on some mighty tasty, and let’s be honest, picture worthy dishes, that are sure to impress your friends once they get a glimpse of them online. Bar food with generous portions and restaurant quality, this is a place I will frequent often. By the way, it’s family friendly, so bring the kids (free kids meal with purchase of adult entrée Sunday – Wednesday). Just get them out of there by 9pm so we can party. See you Saturday morning, after I see you Friday night.

The Pointe: 16691 South Hwy 13 West, Prior Lake, MN.

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written on 22 October 2015 - Reply

Best restaurant in the south metro! Great review of an awesome restaurant! Thanks Guys!

written on 28 October 2015 - Reply

I use to work for the family that owns The Pointe. They are great people that live locally and give back to the community. All of the menu items are ACTUALLY made fresh, unlike the corporate chains who lie about what “made to order” actually means….

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