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Phatphood Eating Twin Cities: The Pint Public House

The Pint 14

Phatphood Eating Twin Cities: The Pint Public House – Newly opened in downtown Minneapolis (3 weeks old) center stage on 1st Ave, The Pint Public House is where we are at. #FOODPORN is why we are here, and under the wing of Canadian Chef Len LeBlanc, Sous Chef Edward is serving up some good-good 40-ways, which seems to be a theme here. With 40 draft beers, 40 different ways to order the wings as well as the rice bowls, you should have no problem finding a favorite here.  With having five locations already in Canada, this is the first one to pop up in the states.  The first location out of the six to have this many draft beers as well.  We Minnesotans like our variety of beer.  It’s a very large space with ample room providing different dining areas, so they also have DJ’s providing the soundtrack every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, so come and get your dance on.

Kicking it off (literally) with some boot cocktails.

The Pint 4

I had the Rocket Pop and @tonyflizzle went ahead with the Pint Punch.  Both tasty cocktails with snow cone-like ice served in a mini boot.  Let Minneabrolis date night commence…NOW!

The Pint 5

Bring on the heat!! Death Wish Wings pictured here. This is just one of their 40-way flavors; only 39 other ways to go.  These definitely had a slight burn with a dry crushed habanero involved, along with a sweet BBQ.  They leave you chasing the heat with an addicting flavor.  I am a huge fan of these already.  Move over BWW, there’s a new wing joint in town with options galore.

The Pint 6

The Pint 8

Pint Perogies – 8 deep fried perogies topped with cheese, bacon bits, green onion and a side of sour cream.  Different than I am use to, and I think we’ve already established that I dig different. I grew up eating pierogies (how we spell it) and I’m used to them being more in a pasta/dough form lathered in butter. Canadians have a different take that I don’t mind, and the potato filling was familiar.  Good bar apps!

The Pint 7

Prairie Panko Pickles – Breaded, deep-fried and unforgettable.  Served with tzatziki on the side.
Great seasoned breading with a crunchy pickle spear, and the tzatziki is a nice addition that I’m not use to having with these; typically ranch dressing. I would order a burger and put a minimum of two of these on it if I were you.

The Pint 9

The Pint 2

Rocky Mountain Club – Grilled chicken, bacon, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, lettuce and maple mayo on fresh pretzel bread.   This is great for lunch, not hearty enough for a dinner in my opinion, but it is great with a side of poutine as shown here.  Really digging the soft pretzel bread loaf, and the maple mayo was a nice touch.  I’d like a side of that just to try alone with some fries.

The Pint 10

Pint Poutine – Pint fries topped with cheese curds and Pint gravy.

Finally, a true Canadian Poutine right here in Minnesota.  Not your typical deep-fried cheese curds that most places here think that they are part of this dish, and a very great tasting and hearty gravy over some crisp golden fries.  Finally 🙌 someone is doing it right.  🍁 Thanks!

The Pint 12

Just like the wings, you can get their Rice Bowls 40 ways here.  This way is Tandoori, one of thirteen dry rubs they offer.  Get your choice of chicken, beef or prawns with stir-fry vegetables and topped with green onions and sesame seeds.

The Pint 17

The Pint 18

I want to try so many creations!!  Guess I will be a resident here until I’ve tried all possibilities.  Great flavors in this dish with the Tandoori.

The Pint 13

With only one dessert on the entire menu, you really can’t go wrong. Deep-fried Oreos.  It’s like The Minnesota State Fair year-round up in here!  All I know is that I was told that there was Not Your Fathers Root Beer involved and sweet beer batter, hell yeah!  A grand-finale at its finest, and definitely leaving with a smile on my face.

The Pint 16

We came, we ate, we conquered.  Unfortunately we did not have their burgers this time around.  They use Hereford beef in all of them and even go a step above with the Hereford 1881 in their sliders.  It took place of the old Rosen’s Bar & Grill, and I really love what they did with the place and the see-through drop ceilings are stylish.  A great, fun welcoming staff is always good to see as well.  I’ll probably see you here from time to time, so wave, why dontcha!

The Pint Public House, 430 1st Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55401

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written on 10 December 2015 - Reply

Its actually the “Rocket Pop”, Hahahaha….. not the “Rocket Poo”. Either way its great!

written on 11 December 2015 - Reply

Ha! Sorry about that, the changes have been made. Thanks!

written on 18 January 2016 - Reply

Blame that on Bartender Sam. I asked him twice via text what it was called, I even responded with a text “are you sure it’s called Rocket Poo?? Because that is weird!” and he said “yes”

Too funny!

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