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Phatphood Eating Twin Cities: San Pedro Cafe

Pedro Night

Phatphood Eating Twin Cities: San Pedro Cafe – We are back at it again. Still considered a distant part of the Twin Cities, San Pedro Cafe in Hudson Wisconsin is your local destination eats to the Caribbean.

Pedro Sign

Pedro Seats

As soon as I walked in, I was captured by the vibrant colors and the sounds of Bob Marley in this modernized building that once held The First National Bank in the 1870’s. Now, a restaurant with an incredible ambiance, this historic structure offers an amazing menu with a can’t-go-wrong ordering selection.  I felt like I was on an exotic trip with the tropical aromas in the air.  I could not wait to eat the creations that Executive Chef Quinton Hammond and Sous Chef Luis Lopez were preparing. But first, let’s start off with some drinks, shall we?

Drinks San Pedro

Sugar Island Rum Punch – Fresh Orange, pineapple and mango juices shaken with Sugar Island Spiced Coconut Rums; served over ice and garnished with an orange wedge.

Caribbean at its finest. Ya mon! 
Just getting started here while waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive to film for a little segment we like to call #FOODPORN that airs weekly on “On The Fly” at 11pm on MY29.

Crews here, let’s get some more drinks flowing!

San Pedro Drinks 3

[Left] Blackberry-Habanero Michelada ~ Sweet and Spicy? Habanero-infused vodka, fresh blackberry purée and a full bottle of Dos XX Lager, served over ice in a Tajin and salt-rimmed glass.

Move over Bloody Mary, there’s a new drink in town. Loving the infused (get use to that word here) vodka. This is a great drink to get here at San Pedro Cafe to start your day or even end your night.

[Right] Golden Margarita ~ Their famous house-made fresh-squeezed lime margarita mix with Sauza Gold Tequila, topped with Royale Montaine Orange Liqueur, served on the rocks in a salt-rimmed glass. What can I say, if you love a good margarita, then you’ll love this one.

San Pedro Shrimp

This vacation on the other side of the river is going well so far, now it’s time to try a few appetizers. I’m hungry and salivating just looking at this dish.  Jamaican Hot Pepper & Garlic Shrimp ~ Jumbo tiger Shrimp sautéed with scotch bonnet peppers, garlic, tomato, onion, allspice and lime. Served with ciabatta bread and a pina colada dipping sauce.

Pedro Shrimp

The Jamaican bath these shrimp marinade in smelled and tasted like a mild curry. Dipping the bread in the chilled coconut sauce and then adding the sautéed shrimp on the bread made for a burst of wonderful flavors in my mouth. You can eat each item individually and it’s still two excellent dishes. Perfect appetizer to share, or just pig out, who am I to judge?

san pedro scallops

Next up, and still eating off the appetizer menu…Sea Scallops & Coconut Creamed Corn ~ Fresh jumbo sea scallops, pan seared and served over tropical creamed corn, crispy bacon, hints of lime and coconut, finished with cilantro vinaigrette.

I’ve had a lot of awesome scallops in my day, and these rank up there in my top five. Perfect sear, and the creamed corn which was a dish all on it’s own. Scallops are petite, and I could’ve used more bacon (but who couldn’t?).  It’s a nice-sized dish as a whole for under $13. I think you may be impressed.

San Pedro Duck Nachos

Smoked Duck Nachos ~ Tender slices of smoked Muscovy duck breast layered with white corn chips, mozzarella cheese and Pico de Gallo, finished with tropical mango salsa and lemon habanero aioli.

Pedro Nachos

When I looked up their menu a while back, these are what caught my eye.  I have been wanting to try these for quite some time now. Wow! I would get this appetizer nightly if I could. That mango salsa works amazingly on the top of those molten cheesy chips. The smoked duck is savory, and the aioli adds the perfect amount of heat. These will be your favorite.

San Pedro Stew

On to some San Pedro Cafe Specialties. First up, 

Yucatan Pork Stew ~ Wood-smoked, hand-pulled pork shoulder simmered with potatoes, onions, peppers and tomatoes in a rich and spicy broth – served with Caribbean rice and red beans.

 Okay, this is some damn good comfort food right here. A new craving of mine on a cool day or any given Sunday. I seriously asked for a five-gallon bucket to take home. It was that good! 
Eat separate, or pour, mix, eat and smile.

San Pedro Chicken

Have you ever been to Jamaica and tried authentic jerk chicken and then came back to the states chasing that true flavor?

 Traditional Jamaican Jerk Chicken ~ Hot pepper and garlic marinated airline chicken breast rubbed with jerk spices, oven roasted and served with wood-roasted vegetables and Caribbean rice and red beans. 

It does major justice. All the true flavors are there on a cleaner piece of chicken than you would expect from a five-gallon drum grill off the streets of Negril. Very tasty. I could use another piece of chicken though.

Time for a couple more drinks to cleanse the palate.

San Pedro Cafe 1

[Left] Gin Frambuesa ~ This “unexpected” gin cocktail features Hendrick’s Gin with our fresh-squeezed lime margarita mix, raspberry syrup, and is topped with Gosling’s Ginger Beer. 
 I still feel like I’m on the islands. Refreshing.

[Right] Jalapeño Blood Orange Margarita ~ House-made, jalapeño-infused Sauza Gold Tequila with their famous margarita mix, blood orange juice, and topped with triple sec; served over ice in a salt-rimmed glass. 
Spicy good times right here.

Dessert San Pedro 3

Time to try some desserts at this Caribbean hideaway.

  Chocolate Habanero Torte ~ A dense chocolate cake infused with just enough habanero pepper to warm the mouth, served slightly warm with chocolate sauce and fresh whipped cream.

To die for!  Slightly warm is correct, and with every bite it tasted like a fresh-out-of-the-oven delicate devilish delight. The habanero heat hits you at the end, but not enough to scare away the ones with a fear of spice. I asked if they serve these as whole cakes, and was happy to find out that they do!  Birthday hint.

Dessert San Peddro 2

Key Lime Pie ~ A tart key lime filling in a graham cracker and candied macadamia nut crust, served with fresh whipped cream.

Okay, I’ve heard rumors about how amazing this is. It truly holds up to those rumors. To me, you had me at that crust Pedro, and it’s pretty thick. Bonus.

Dessert San Pedro Cafe 1

Anyone that knows me, knows that I will try Tres Leches cake anywhere that it is served, well, because it is my favorite. So last but not least…Tres Leches ~ Pedro’s family heirloom recipe for this traditional vanilla-scented sponge cake soaked in our signature three milk blend and topped with mounds of fresh whipped cream and seasonal berries.

We have a winner here folks. Dive-in and take a bath.  I mean, look at this beauty. Sopping wet full of milk. This is how I imagine all great things should end. They also sell these in sheets, what?!  Thank you Pedro.  Thank you.

I have a proper buzz, I am full and I do not want to leave.  If you are looking for an escape from normal restaurant fare, this is it. A destination of flavors from the Island of Ambergris Caye, San Pedro Cafe is a fabulous restaurant with an open view of the bar and kitchen (with a wood-fired oven) from anywhere in the house.  They have weekly featured dishes if for some reason you want to stray away from the signature favorites.  I still have many dishes to try here so I will definitely be back soon.  Plus I didn’t get to see the wine cellar that once was a tunnel to transfer the banks moolah!

You can catch our San Pedro Cafe review on ‘On the Fly’ MY29 on October 21st at 11pm or October 22nd at 8am.

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