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Phatphood Eating Twin Cities: LOLO


Phatphood Eating Twin Cities: LOLO – Visiting the second restaurant for our weekly ‘Eating Twin Cities’ segment on ‘On The Fly’ on MY29. LOLO in Stillwater, MN is another gem to come and eat everything on the menu because you cannot go wrong with any choice you make, trust me. Just glancing at the menu I wanted everything listed, so order away!   Sexy small plates, glorious entrees and petite desserts to follow.

LOLO drinks

First up on this adventure, some tasty handcrafted cocktails. They have great ones here…with some unique names. Tony Fly went with the Perfect Stranger (fresh basil and lemon with Huckleberry vodka and a red wine float). Didn’t seem like a stranger with how fast he bellied this concoction. I went with Brad’s Anger Management Class (aged rum tiki cocktail with lime, pineapple, cinnamon and or heat), yea, I have issues. But I’m cured!


My favorite one-bite. I could eat these like a bag of family sized chips. Duck Bacon (seared duck bacon topped w/ Gorgonzola, dried cherry, orange supreme, prosciutto and candied pecan) $2 it’s considered a micro plate, so just order a dozen and thank me later.


If you were to fry up a pound of bacon and maybe a burger or two in the same pan, then rendered the fat and juices leftover and drizzled it onto a fresh slice of crostini, this is what you would get. Rich and flavorful. Bacon Jam Crostini (bacon jam over Brie with roasted heirloom, tomatoes and arugula). $6


I’m not into berries, yea so, sue me. But I love food, and I’ll try just about anything once. Guess what? Fricken loved these! Was like a pre-dinner dessert, or a warm-up before the entree. Sweet and just the right amount of berry to not turn me off. I also expected the bread to be hard (you know where it will destroy the roof of your mouth?)  But it wasn’t, very soft and fresh, so shove the whole thing in your mouth and chomp away. Berry Crostini (blackberry, strawberry and raspberry with Brie and a ginger honey). $6


Perfect sear with a delicate sauce with just the right amount of heat. Paired with another Perfect Stranger. Getting to know one another a little better by now. Seared Ahi (togarashi seared tuna with a red chili-lime emulsion, served with avocado and fresh chips). $10


Think lobster roll meets juicy burger. Wow! A burger on my local top 5 list just fell off. Chalk this one up as a must try. Oh, the fries…yup! Surf & Turf Burger (certified angus beef, hand pattied and cooked awesome, then topped with candied bacon, aioli and a hearty portion of lobster salad). With Rosemary and Alderwood smoked salt fries. $22


LOLO really knows how to take the quack out of a duck and serve it amazingly on a plate. Cooked to perfection.  Tender, juicy, with a slight crisp skin.  Want to get your kids to eat their vegetables? Prepare it like this here! I want seconds. Seared Duck Breast (with a duck bacon-mushroom steamed dumpling, truffle broccolini stir fry and a sherry glaze). $22


Both great desserts, without the over indulgence because of how petite they are, so go ahead and order a couple. Can’t go wrong with either here. Butterscotch Budino (with maple syrup and red clay sea salt). I seriously thought I was eating a chocolate liquor. Avocado Key Lime Pie (with toasted coconut). An easy favorite.


LOLO is an acronym for Locally Owned, Locally Operated. Says enough right there. A small yet inviting spot somewhat hidden in the midst of other shops and restaurants on Main Street.  They have a newly  opened patio out back and are in talks of expanding upward. Even though it is a petite restaurant, it is very open with a view of the kitchen and bar from every seat in the house.  So if the person you are with is not interesting, there is always a show to watch.  LOLO could easily be placed in either downtown St. Paul or Minneapolis to compete with veteran favorites, but it is not, which makes it more attractive to me.  With the colder season upon us, there will be less traffic in Stillwater, take advantage.

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written on 24 September 2015 - Reply

The tripe pork tacos are our favorite, so amazing. Their hand made pasta is wonderful as well. They won best burger in the valley this year so you know they’re good. You pretty much can’t go wrong at LOLO. Love this place.

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