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Home/Eats/Phatphood Eating Twin Cities: Crazy Cajun

Phatphood Eating Twin Cities: Crazy Cajun

Crazy Cajun Dj Phat and Tony Fly

Phatphood Eating Twin Cities: Crazy Cajun – Walking through the front doors of this restaurant I was already impressed.  Not that I had low expectations, just didn’t expect it to be so clean cut and welcoming with open space and vibrance. Yes it is in a strip mall, but this has southern flare written all over it.  There is a family style high rise table cut out into the shape of Texas for frickin sake!  There are picnic tables that have flush mounted buckets in them for your seafood scraps with bench seating, tap beer with great brands such as Surly and Heineken and even two styles of frozen Sangria. Slushies gone wild!

Okay, we’ll get back to the dynamics of the place soon, I’m here to talk about the foooood!!  Hot damn!!  I didn’t have a single item that I disliked.  Everything was “hittin” in the words of Tony Fly whom I met up with to film a segment featuring myself for his show ‘On The Fly‘ which airs nightly on MY29 local cable channel 10 here in Minnesota called #FoodPorn.  Seriously, this Louisiana inspired seafood is unbelievable.  To have this gem here, serving this food, year round…is truly a blessing to us Minnesotans.  Here is what I had on my visit, no need to rate since everything was a 5/5:

Crazy Cajun 1

Catfish Filets + Sweet Potato Fries + Hush Puppies ~ Generous portions of fresh catfish with a light, delicate Cajun breading. I haven’t had catfish this good since my stay in Arkansas two years ago. The sweet potato fries were thick and crispy, and the hush puppies were decent little quarter size poppers. I’m a sauce man, so I was happy with the options given. The stand out sauce is there secret house sauce. Good heat that leaves you craving for more. Amazing basket of love right here. $8.49 – $21.49 depending on portion.

Crazy Cajun 2

Turkey Neck ~ served in a bag with all of the juices in marinated in as it slow cooked for a a couple of hours. So flavorful, with just the right touch of Cajun heat. Think of a slow cooked roast with all of the flavors packed into this odd shapes poultry. I started picking and jabbing on it before I even snapped a picture. This is comfort food done differently. Love it. $5.99

Crazy Cajun 3

Shrimp and a Crawfish Pie ~ Think seafood pot pie, think a savory hot pocket, think bouchée!
 A perfect grab-n-go snack or something to give the kids. The crust was light and crispy which made these little bad boys something I could see at the State Fair. Perfectly deep fried goodness! $3.99 each

crazy cajun 4

Seafood Gumbo ~ oyster, catfish, shrimp, crab, okra and green onion in a hearty broth over rice. The perfect size and the perfect amount of everything you want in a seafood gumbo. A southern bowl of happiness right here in Minnesota. $5.99 cup $9.99 bowl

crazy cajun 5

Red Beans and Rice with Bacon, Sausage and Ham Hocks ~ I’ll stick by my words, this was thee best red beans and rice I’ve ever had. This hot sauce is exclusive here at @crazycajun, quit stealing it people!! $4.99 cup $6.99 bowl.  Hot sauce is not for sale, but seriously, they are watching!

crazy cajun 6

crazy cajun 7

Blue Point Oysters with Caviar, house made sake ponzu sauce and wasabi horseradish ~ huge, fresh, tasty, beautiful. I bet you can’t eat just one. Order these. $ Market Price

crazy cajun 9

Crazy Cajun Wings ~ Another spiced up, deep fried to perfection, light and crisp must have here at @crazycajunmn. These are going down as 1 of my top 3 sauceless wants. $7.49 (6) $12.99 (12)

crazy cajun 10

Boudin Egg Roll ~ sausage and rice tightly sealed in an egg roll wrap. Just missing some creole mustard, but still a great appetizer! $3.99 each

crazy cajun 11

Frog Legs ~ Marinated in the chefs special seasonings, battered with cornmeal and then deep-fried to perfection. As you know or may have heard, yes it tastes like chicken. The seasoning and cooking time is spot on. Dip these in the chefs house special sauce and just enjoy and get over the fact that you ate Kermit. By the way, these croakers were huge! $4.99 (2) $6.99 (6)

Crazy Cajun 12

Soft Shell Crab ~ again, marinated in the chefs secret seasoning, battered in cornmeal and deep-fried. New menu item that is sure to be a hit here at @crazycajunmn. It’s the seasoning and perfect temp that make these a crispy joy to eat. Use the house sauce and up the ante. $6.59 each

Crazy Cajun 13

Dun’s Special Po’Boy (The Works) ~ this mammoth of a sandwich is stuffed with deep fried oyster, catfish, shrimp, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, mayo, mustard and the chef’s special house sauce. Oh, it is all jammed in local fresh bread that is supplied every other day. For $12 you are literally ripping them off. This is huge and can be easily shared, but it’s so damn good, I’m screaming “get your own!!” This will be a favorite for many and spread like wildfires. $11.99 WOW!

Crazy Cajun 18

Clams & Jumbo Shrimp ~ boiled and tossed in Chefs special coco sauce prepared at medium spice level. I could take that bread from the Po’Boy and dip it in this here sauce all day long. Fresh, yummy, fresh, yummy! $ Market Price

crazy cajun 14

Crawfish ~ with smoked sausage, jumbo shrimp, corn and potatoes. This is why I come to @crazycajunmn (instagram)…well, until I just had everything else. Garlic buttered to a perfect medium spice. You can still taste the smokiness in the sausage and these mud bugs are always fresh and never frozen…making it the number 1 crawfish restaurant year round in Minnesota. Get on that. Feast on these bad boys everyday and tell them Phat sent ya, they might thrown in some extra sauce for ya!  $ Market Price

crazy cajun 17

Taking off the bib and letting you know a little bit more about this place, that’s if you’re still reading and not already on your way there.  Passionate would be an understatement to call the owner/chef.  You can see it in his eyes, hear it in his voice and DEFINITELY taste it in his food.  Interior wise, he built this place from the ground up.  From the tables to the kitchen to the last pinch of seasoning, this is all him.  Come experience this rarity of fresh southern Cajun seafood in the Northern Midwest, it really is a fabulous place.

Crazy Cajun is located at 8578 Edinburgh Center Drive in Brooklyn Park. (763) 568-7085. They are closed Tuesdays.  We’ve Tried It…now it’s your turn.

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