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Phatphood Eating Twin Cities: Big Guys BBQ Roadhouse

Big Guy 6

Big Guy 2

Phatphood Eating Twin Cities: Big Guys BBQ Roadhouse – Not sure where to go for some good kick ass BBQ? We’ve got you covered. A little trip over the river to Hudson, WI is where you can find this four-month-old Double Duece inspired Roadhouse that sits on seven acres of land for endless possibilities.  A top notch sound system is in place for events and concerts to come with ample room to get your groove on, while coin operated pool tables, foosball and a handful of video games occupy an area off to the side. They serve amazingly strong drinks along with meat that is slow-smoked for 16 hours on (using virgin cherry wood), 4 hours off, then is freshly delivered to your face. Oh, and I hope you like bacon!

Big Guy 1

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As usual, we always start out with some mouth-watering alcoholic beverages before we jump into our #FOODPORN. Here we have a Southern Suiter (Jesse James Bourbon, Triple Sec, Sour, splash of Sprite, Muddle Orange, lime, lemon, simple syrup) – a nice southern cooler with a sour twist. 
Also had a Kentucky Bourbon Ale from Lexington Brewing and Distillery – easy to drink, light, rare hop. Supporting local, it always a good thing.

Big Guy 12

Basket O’ Bacon – Thick cut, slow smoked & rubbed with Big Guys BBQ Roadhouse signature house rub. 
Its not crispy like you would think upon delivery, but tender and oh-so flavorful, almost jerky-like but easy to chew. It is also referred to as candied bacon and I’m like a kid in a candy store. Good stuff.   I need the Bucket O’ Bacon please!

Big Guy 13

Bacon Wrapped Satay – Chicken breasts wrapped with bacon, seasoned with Big Guys BBQ House rub and basted with their house BBQ sauce. served on a bed of their signature smokey slaw. Moooooore bacon? Yes! Tender, juicy chunks of chicken with that awesome smoked bacon and the perfect glaze of BBQ sauce. The slaw is yogurt based with some jalapeño and bacon as well. Good appetizer on a stick right here.

Big Guy 14

Chicken & Waffle Sliders – Buttermilk breaded chicken breast, candied bacon, provolone cheese, sandwiched between two waffles and served with a side of pure maple syrup. Okay, these are something for your foodie bucket list. I have to admit, it didn’t look like much at first until I got it in my hand up close and personal. Love at first bite. Provolone is my favorite cheese. Have I mentioned bacon yet? It’s here again. The chicken is a perfect mix of herbs and spices (14 I believe?). Definitely used all of that syrup by pouring and dipping. This is a breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner…anytime sandwich. Food truck these to my neighborhood please.

BIg Guy 15

Time to cleanse the palate with some more alcoholic beverages. Left to Right: Big Guys Ginger – Fresh orange slice, bitters, Jesse James Bourbon, Ginger beer, Grand Marnier Float. I could use a cigar with this one; strong, manly, dig it. Texas Tea – Muddle Orange and mint, simple syrup, peach whiskey, sweet tea vodka, lemonade and a splash of Sprite. Brisk and refreshing. Great to pair with their dry rubbed meats. You’ll order a second because they go down so easily.

Big Guy 16

Cubano – Slow-smoked pit ham, house pulled pork, Swiss cheese, pickles and creamy mustard sauce served Panini style on ciabatta bread. What a great tasting cubano. Didn’t want to stop eating it, and I have been looking for one of this caliber and to my liking for a while now. Found it. Pack me one in my lunch box daily please.

Big Guy 3

Big Guy 17

Roadhouse Platter – Half Rack of Big Guys house rubbed ribs, half-pound of smoked slow cooked brisket, half of signature sauce glazed chicken, half-pound of pulled pork, candied bacon, and boneless loin chops.

 The meat God plate. Something for everyone, or everything for one. Either way, it’s a feast! Now, they do have a few sauces at the table, but suggest that you just enjoy eating their ribs as is. Ribs are smokey, not your boiled fall-off-the-bone type, you will have to earn to see these bones. Everything here is well cooked with bar-none flavors.

Big Guy 18

Sides!! Top to bottom: Secret House Recipe Potato Salad. I only like a couple of potato salads, add this to that list. Creamy, smooth, light, perfect. Mac N’ Cheese – Fusilli pasta in a creamy blend of three cheeses (sharp cheddar, Gouda and fontina) topped with crispy cheddar crust. Yes! Yes! Yes! Gooey yuminess! Smokey Slaw – Smoked red & green cabbage, mixed with jalapeños, bacon and blue cheese…unforgettable! And lastly, Roadhouse Beans – Baked beans blended with house seasoning and Big Guys signature pulled pork. Meaty, tasty, hearty goodness. No complaints with these sides. Keep’em coming.

Big Guy 19

No, seriously, that mac n cheese though. Can we have a moment?

Big Guy 20

Big Guys Signature BBQ Glazed Salmon with fries. I love a good char lately on my fish. Damn that’s a good char with a nice sweet BBQ glaze. There’s that awesome slaw underneath again, which means more bacon!

Big Guy 21

Finally, #dessertporn. Whiskey Apple Bread Pudding – Granny Smith apples baked into the bread pudding and topped with whipped cream and house made praline sauce. Their praline sauce, yea I’m an instant fan. If you love bread pudding, you’ll love this. C’mon, trust me already.

Big Guy 22

Ooooh, and yet, another Key Lime Pie – It upholds to all the rest we’ve had on @tonyflizzle and I #foodporn journey. Effortless, petite and hits the spot with a buttery crust. Minor tartness I might add.

Big Guy 23

Brandied Caramel Pear Trifle – Layers of Bartlett pears, caramel sauce, ginger snap cookies and cheese cake topped with whipped cream. 
This is a cup o’ love with my name written all over it. I’m in Phatboy heaven, and I don’t even like pears! You’re coming to get this, I already know. Still licking my spoon and fingers.

Big Guy 4

Yee-Haw, that about wraps that up. Make the simple drive. Remember, Hudson is basically a part of the Twin Cities. They will start having a DJ on Friday nights and I plan on going there in February for a couple of shows myself. They just got some new equipment out back that, once installed, will increase productivity of their slow-cooked meats, also making room for some whole pigs when needed. There will always be fresh and ready beef and pork here, come and get it, because dinner is ready!

Big Guy 25

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written on 12 November 2015 - Reply

So proud of you, Jethro and clan, amazing does not describe where you have come!

written on 12 November 2015 - Reply

My good friend Tess brought me in to try this new place out….Best BURGER yet and the Mac and Cheese as a side was awesome!!!
I am bringing a whole gang over from MN to show you guys off!!
Great Place!

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