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Packing Tips for Business Travelers

Business Travel Tips Weve Tried It

Packing Tips for Business Travelers: One of our female readers asked for tips on packing for a business trip, a task that we’ll readily admit can be daunting.

Airlines now charge a fee for baggage and an additional charge for overweight luggage. Most business travelers favor a carry-on bag, thus eliminating the extra work associated with checked bags and the possibility that a lost or misdirected suitcase may not arrive with the traveler.

That said, savvy business travels have adopted the art of packing light by choosing neutral colored pants and skirts that can be paired with a number of light-weight blouses, scarves and jewelry. Don’t forget to include a nice jacket for dressier events and a pair of great looking shoes that will work for all occasions and are comfortable.

Exercise enthusiasts should also pack a set of workout clothes and athletic shoes. If you have the luxury of checking into your hotel before your first meeting, consider wearing jeans and your running shoes to and from the airport. Not only will you be more comfortable, but these bulkier items won’t take up valuable space in your carry-on.

The best way to keep clothing wrinkle-free is to fill up the suitcase space so that shifting is kept to a minimum. We recommend using interior straps, if available. Take care not to compress the folded items when the bag is closed.

Some travels purchase clothing folders, simple devices that are used to fold shirts and blouses like you might receive them from the dry cleaners. Place them in a plastic bag to further ensure your shirts arrive in great condition.

Toiletries, in miniature, should be placed in a zipper bags to ensure there are no spills. Doing so can save a mishap that could stain the suit you were planning to wear to an important negotiation session. It is also easy to pull out these personal care items for inspection during check-in.

Google your destination before packing to determine the weather during your stay. Will you need a raincoat and umbrella?

A lightweight laptop case that is easy to get into is a great investment. Make sure it has enough room for the rest of your devices and chargers. To ensure everything gets put into this all important case – MAKE A LIST and check it before you leave for the airport.

Do you consider yourself an expert at packing? Comment below with any great tips you have to share.

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