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Oster Animal Super Duty Advanced Clipper Review

Betty Before

Oster Animal Super Duty Advanced Clipper Review: As you can see from the photo above, Betty was in need of grooming. She might be the calmest dog around, so we decided to give it a try ourselves with the Oster Super Duty Clippers.

Oster’s website says, “The Oster® Advanced Kit is optimized for use with dogs and designed to carve through thick, dense fur. It is built with a powerful Pivot Motor design for extreme cutting power and reduced noise. This ensures a faster and quieter cut that also helps reduce your dog’s fear and anxiety through the grooming process.”

Following the included DVD instructions, we gave Betty a good brushing and bath before beginning. Starting out the cut with the longest safety comb that was included and we worked our way down. This was not the quickest method, but we wanted to be extra careful since it was our first time using the Oster clippers.


Using the safety combs did remove a fair amount of hair, but once we had completed those, we went for it. Using just the tug-free blade is when the real grooming began.

The clipper did a great job getting through Betty’s very thick coat. We were able to groom her down to a nice length using the clippers, following up shears to give her the final finishing touches.

Betty Haircut

The Oster clippers are definitely going to come in handy keeping Betty looking good. Do you groom your dog at home? Tell us what kind of clippers you use in the comment section below.

You can purchase the Oster Clippers here.

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