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Home/Reviews/Beauty/Nutra Nail Gel Perfect 5 Minute Nail Color Review

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect 5 Minute Nail Color Review

Gel Perfect Review Weve Tried It

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect 5 Minute Nail Color Review: 5 minutes and go, that’s what caught my eye while shopping for some new nail polish. With everything to do around the house I never seem to have time to do my nails and let them dry.

Generally one of 2 things seems to happen, either I end up with smudged nails or I don’t do my nails at all. To be honest the second is usually the case. 5 minutes to dry nails I could do, so I purchased the orchid color.

The package comes with a very small bottle of color, a bottle of activator and a bottle of brush cleaner. I paid 9.98 for the kit which seems a little pricey for such a small amount of polish.

The instructions are pretty clear and simple. Apply the activator to one hand sealing the edges, then immediately apply the color and repeat on the second hand. Next apply another coat of activator, another coat of color then a top coat of activator and repeat on second hand. Applying 5 coats onto my nails took a little longer than I expected, but was not at all difficult.

Day 1

5 minutes later my nails were rock hard dry! I was so happy to have found a quick nail kit. I woke up the next morning to extreme disappointment, almost all of my nails were chipped.

Day 2

Day 3 was even worse, on some nails over half of the polish had completely chipped off. While this product did dry as quickly as promised the polish did not last for even 24 hours. This is definitely not a product that I could recommend.

Day 3

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