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McDelivery? Sriracha Mac Sauce? Oh My!

McDonalds 1

McDelivery? Sriracha Mac Sauce? Oh My! Ok you fast food freaks, McDonald’s just raised the bar with not one, but TWO new promotions this week.  Let’s get right down to what is pictured – Sriracha Mac Sauce™ is available tomorrow on their Signature Crafted Recipes sandwiches (you pick the meat, the bun, the sauce), as a McNugget dipping sauce, or as a spicy Big Mac Sauce (shown here).  I’m in love with this sauce!

McDonald's 4

I was already a fan of Big Mac Sauce, which I’m sure I’ve made obvious in previous Instagram posts (@phatphood), but they really did an exceptional job with this creation and I’m so happy the packaged it up in some form one way or another.  The Sriracha Mac Sauce still has the same taste, tanginess and pickle bits (aka relish) as the original Sauce, but it also has a great amount of heat that really works well combined, impressive if you ask me.  Probably the spiciest thing I’ve ever had from McDonald’s (bring back the jalapeño burger!)

McDonald's 2

Okay, the other deal rolling out tomorrow is their McDelivery on Uber Eats. So now you can get McDonald’s Big Macs and Fries delivered to your door (20 stores in the metro are offering this delivery service, so look at app to find one). Oh, and tomorrow only (Wednesday 7/26/2017 – Global McDelivery Day) you can get some free swag from McDonald’s from their McDelivery Collection just for ordering from Uber Eats. Take note however, the only two locations in Minnesota that is giving you this McSwag is the Uptown and Dinkytown locations.  Take advantage for this one day event. Also, I win for most parenthesis!

McDonalds Giveaway

McDonald's 3

This here is the new Signature Crafted Recipes sandwich at McDonald’s – I picked the buttermilk crispy chicken, artisan roll and my new favorite…Sriracha Mac Sauce.  You should definitely start seeing the sauce popping up at locations near you this week.

McNuggets Sriracha Mac Sauce

You get two Sriracha Mac Sauces with each 10-piece McNugget order, and I gotta tell ya, this stuff works well with the nuggets.  It basically works with just about anything, trust me, I took some home and had it with dinner.

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