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Mason Jar Salad Recipe

Mason Jar Salads Weve Tried It

The New Year is upon us and two of the top 10 resolutions are to eat healthier and save money. With these mason jar salads you can do both.

The average chef salad at a restaurant costs around $10.50. You can make these salads for about $3.00, if you eat salads daily that is a savings of around $37.50 for a week. You could save $1950.00 in a year. OK, maybe it is a little unrealistic to say you will make a salad everyday for a year, but you can see how this really is a healthy and thrifty option for lunch.

It took us about a half hour to wash and chop our vegetables and put together salads for a week. The salads will stay fresh and crisp for the entire week.

The trick with mason jar salads is how you pack them. Also using a glass mason jar will keep your salad much fresher then if you use a plastic container. The seal on the jar helps to keep them fresher longer.

Layer 1: Is your dressing. You can use your favorite flavor. We did not need to transport our salads so we did not have a layer of dressing in our jars, but be assured your salad will be crisp and fresh using dressing.

Layer 2: This layer is your vegetables. You want to choose vegetables that will hold up to sitting in the dressing. Good choices are carrots, peppers, broccoli, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

Layer 3: This is for your protein and cheese. Use your favorite lunch meat. We chose ham and bacon, because everything is better with bacon, along with shredded cheddar cheese. This layer is really about what kind of salad you will enjoy.

Layer 4: The lettuce or spinach. Putting the greens on tops ensures your salad will still be crisp and fresh at the end of the week.

Put your tops on the jars, seal tight and your salads are ready to enjoy.

If you are bringing the salads to work with you, make sure you bring a bowl with you to pour your salad into.  Eating directly from the jar is a little difficult and your coworkers will definitely be impressed when they see how beautiful your salad looks.

Do you have a healthy meal recipe you think we should try? Comment below we love trying out new things.

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