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Lay’s Do Us a Flavor Finalists Review


Lay’s Do Us a Flavor Finalists Review: Hey Lay’s, I’m about to do you a flavor! On behalf of We’ve Tried It, I’m trying the four finalist for Do Us A Flavor.

Pictured from left to right in order from best to worst.

1) Wavy West Coast Truffle Fries submitted by Angie Fu – a no brainer, these are addictingly delicious. The truffle oil doesn’t over power the parsley and having them wavy was the right way to go for the size and the crunch.

2) New York Reuben submitted by Jeff Solensky – not much to these, simply faint cheddar and pickles mixed together, closer to a cheeseburger with a hint of ketchup, just slightly beating out the next flavor, yet still a good combo for road trips.

3) Southern Biscuits and Gravy submitted by Hailey Green – yes there is a slight taste of the peppery gravy, but that’s about it. The lightest flavor out of the four. Could easily be mistaken for just a pepper chip. Not good enough to crave for more.

4) Kettle Cooked Greektown Gyro submitted by James Wagner – what I thought would be my favorite ended up being a disaster in my mouth. The sniff upon opening isn’t even appealing. At first bite you get the impact of a gyro, but that goes away fast with every chip there after. What’s left is the taste of a baby puking garlic and onions into your mouth. After 5-minutes past of eating these, the film on my tongue began to linger and hard to get rid of with just water. These will haunt you.

Which is your favorite? Don’t forget to cast your vote on their website to have your favorite year round.

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