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Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Flavor Boost Review

Our favorite blue box, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, recently came out with KRAFT® FLAVOR BOOST available for purchase via website only – https://flavorboost.kraftmacandcheese.com.  These BOOST seasoning mixes come in flavors that include creamy ranch, zesty pizza and kickin’ buffalo, and are now available in build-your-own Flavor Boosts bundles as well. The bundles are sold in 6, 15 and 24-packs which include a traditional blue box of MAC per packet of seasoning or a 24 pack of just the seasoning mixes alone. Steps on the website state to make Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Original blue box as usual (don’t skip the original cheese packet.) Then mix in an entire flavor boost seasoning packet to your mac & cheese and enjoy.

We decide to try all three flavor boost at once. Ranked from favorite to least favorite, here is what we thought:

Kickin’ Buffalo

We got hit with garlic right away with a little kick of heat.  Nothing screamed buffalo to us. It was lacking the vinegar tang and spice that you typically taste in a buffalo sauce.  That being said, it was still our overall favorite.

Zesty Pizza

To us, this one tastes like marinara mixed with ketchup. We’re thinking maybe your kids would love it. This one smelled the best out of the three.

Creamy Ranch

Tangy! Borderline sour. That was all we got.  Looked the best!

Maybe mixing the Buffalo and Ranch would be the way to go.  Let us know if you give it a try.


We look forward to trying these seasonings with other house hold snack. Popcorn, perhaps?

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