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Isagenix Wellness Products Review

I am currently training to run my first New York City Marathon next fall.  I have a regular routine on my running days and Isagenix is a big part  of that routine.

Every run includes the following:

Isagenix Photo

An E+ shot before I run, a natural way to kick start a work out with caffeine derived from green tea and yerba mate’.

A bottle of water filled with all natural Want More Energy  post run to replenish electrolytes lost during the work out.

An IsaLean Pro shake post run to refill my system and help with muscle recovery!

I have done a few runs without my Isagenix routine and I did not feel the energy during my run and my  post run recovery was sluggish. I have tried various other products and Isagenix is what works for me.

If you would like to learn more about Isagenix products you can go to www.healthy-happy.isagenix.com.

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