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How to Remove Soap Scum and Hard Water Stains

Homemade Hard Water Remover

How to Remove Soap Scum and Hard Water Stains: Hard water stains and soap scum on shower doors, tubs and tiles can be very frustrating, even after you have cleaned them, the glass still looks foggy and dull.

We were searching for a way to clean the hard water stains without the using harsh chemicals in today’s commercial products. We are very pleased with the recipe we found on savvysugar.com. Easy to make and worked like a charm.

What you need:
Small mixing bowl
1 cup Epsom Salts (Naturally softens the water breaking up the stains)
1/2 cup baking soda (Gently scrubs)
1/4 cup liquid dish soap (Gently cleans)
Cleaning cloth
Paper towels

Lucky for us, we had all these ingredients already so we mixed up a bowl and tried it right away.

This works best on a dry shower door, so wipe down any wet areas before cleaning. Scoop a bit of the mixture on a damp cloth and rub in a circular motion over the tiles or glass doors. We found it worked best to put a couple of paper towels under the glass door to catch any of the drips for easy clean up of the floor.

Let the mixture sit on for a couple of minutes, then give it a one more quick rub. Then just wash away with warm water. We were worried about it making a lot of soap suds from the dish soap, but this wasn’t an issue.

The results were immediately noticeable! It was hard to get a photo without a glare, but we hope you can see in the pics above how clean and clear the shower door turned out.

We will definitely be using this recipe again to get all our bathrooms sparkling clean. Do you have a great homemade recipe you would like us to try out? Comment below and let us know.

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written on 29 July 2020 - Reply

OMG! finally something worked, thank you.

written on 21 August 2021 - Reply

Amazing tips! I think most of the people did not know about floor cleaners.

Thanks for telling us about the importance of solvency. Keep sharing this post more and more.

The DIY is very well made, extremely informative and the directions are easy to follow.

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