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Home/DIY/How to Make Glitter Pumpkins

How to Make Glitter Pumpkins

Glitter Pumpkins

How to Make Glitter Pumpkins: After visiting a friend’s house that was decorated with pink pumpkins lining her walkway, my daughter was set on us having pink pumpkins this Halloween.

I decided to use the same idea as my glitter Christmas ornaments and I got out my favorite product: Quickshine Floor Wax.

Quickshine project


Quickshine Floor Wax

Directions: Wash and wipe the pumpkins completely dry and place on newspaper. We found it worked best to have a different piece of newspaper for each color glitter, that way you can pour the excess back into the container.

quickshine art project

Pour your Quickshine Floor Wax into bowl, using a paintbrush to paint the wax onto the pumpkins. Working quickly shake the glitter onto the pumpkins. When you are satisfied with the coverage set aside to dry. The floor wax dries quickly so these make for a fun and quick decorating project. Super simple and they look great!

painting pumpkins

We have a fun centerpiece of glitter pumpkins and most important a happy 8 year old girl!

Glitter pumpkin project

Do you have a fun DIY pumpkin project? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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