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How to Crochet Infinity Scarf Video

Infinity Scarf Weve Tried It

How to Crochet Infinity Scarf Video: I know we have been posting lots of scarf stories lately, but I just learned how to crochet and I am pretty dang proud. Although I only know how to make infinity scarfs, I like to refer to myself as the ‘queen of crocheting.’

So, after making my first infinity scarf I was on the search for more patterns that I could try out. I am not able to look at a pattern book yet… so it’s YouTube tutorials for me. And yes, I pause and rewind the video 100 times.

For me this video seemed easy to follow and I was thrilled with my finished project. Adding the buttons made it all fancy!

Supplies: 3 skeins of thick yarn, P hook, 2 buttons and a needle. If you decide to try out this pattern please post a photo of your scarf on Weve Tried It Facebook page – we want to see!

Last week we used a different pattern for our crocheted infinity scarf – link here and we also made a no sew t-shirt scarf – link here.

What should we crochet next? I am thinking about tackling mittens. How hard can it be? Leave us a comment below!

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