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Homemade Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

Homemade Valentines Cards

Homemade Valentine’s Day Card Ideas: It’s that time of year, you know when you need to come up with creative Valentine’s for your children’s class party. These Hershey’s Kisses bags are easy to make and affordable.

Valentines Day Cards DIY

Here is what you will need:

Hershey’s Kisses (a serving shows 9 kisses so that is how many we used for each bag)
Clear cellophane bags
Wiggly eyes
Glue Stick

The process is pretty simple. Start by gluing the eyes onto the bottom of the kisses. We did both 2 small eyes and 1 medium eye. I found it easiest to pair up the small eyes backside up on the table, then put the glue on the bottom of the kiss and simply press it onto the backside of the eyes. Hold for just a few seconds and then lay them on their sides to dry. It took about an hour to get the eyes on 180 kisses.

Hersheys Kisses

Come up with a few fun sayings for your labels using EYE instead of I. My daughter was concerned about misspelling her cards until “eye” explained it to her! Be sure to leave space at the top of your note for the back of the label. I found that 5 spaces above our sayings worked out well. I was also able to get 2 labels side by side on one sheet, getting a total of 4 labels per page.

DIY Craft Valentines

Next bag up your kisses into the clear bags and staple on the note cards. At this point they look a little plain, but just hand over the sticker sheets to the little ones and they will have a great time adding their personal touch to the bags. This was my daughters favorite part and they really turned out great.

Have you made any cute Valentine’s? Tell us about them below or share a photo on our Facebook page.

DIY valentines day cards weve tried it

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