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Home/Tips/Cleaning/Homemade Reusable Fabric Softener Towel

Homemade Reusable Fabric Softener Towel

Fabric softener sheets can get expensive especially with multiple loads of laundry daily, so I set out to find a DIY reusable alternative.

It turns out making one is a pretty easy process.

Items needed:

Liquid fabric softener (1-2 cups)
1 dish towel
1 bowl

Fabric Softener Towel

Place the dish towel in the bowel and pour fabric softener over towel until saturated. Wring out any excess so that the towel is no longer dripping. Hang the towel to dry for approximately 2 days. Yes it does take that long for it to completely dry.

Just throw the towel in the dryer with each load of laundry. It says the towel will work for approximately a month, I have been using mine for 2 weeks now and my clothes are still coming out static free and soft.

I should be able to make at least 4 towels out of my one bottle of fabric softener, so this will definitely save me money not having to use the expensive dryer sheets.

Do you have a great DIY cleaning trick, message us your ideas to try.

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