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Gold’s Gym Folding Upper And Lower Body Cycle Review

Golds Gym exercise

Gold’s Gym Folding Upper And Lower Body Cycle Review:  I am always looking to add some low impact training to my scheduled, so I decided to purchase the Gold’s Gym Upper and Lower Body Cycle and give it a try.

I paid $27.95 at my local Walmart store and while doing a some research for this review I found it was only $19.01 online at Walmart.com. Note to self, always check online for better deals first.

Product Description: Improve your strength, coordination and circulation with the Golds Gym Upper and Lower Body Cycle. It offers a simple, low-impact cardio workout while an electronic meter tracks your total workout time. This Gym exercise cycle provides upper and lower body workout that are designed to strengthen your legs and tone your arms, shoulders, and back without leaving your chair. It comes in a compact, portable design with pedal straps that give a firm grip to your feet. This cardio workout cycle has a durable steel frame and folds conveniently for storage and transportation. It is easy to assemble requiring no tools. Furthermore, it features a quiet operation and has non-slip feet that hold firmly in place while you exercise. The Golds Gym Upper and Lower Body Cycle runs on battery that come included.

Putting the cycle together was very simple. Unfold, put in the locking knob and the T knob in for resistance. Done, it is ready to use.

I used the cycle for about 45 minutes, starting at the least resistance and moving to the highest resistance that I could get it to do. Even at the highest resistance it is probably comparable to the lowest level on an exercise bike. It would have been nice if there was some sort of marking to know what resistance level you were actually at.

The motion of the pedals is not completely smooth, but is easy to keep in motion. I did not have any problems with the unit sliding while in use.

There is a warning label on the unit indicates that the surface may get hot. They are correct, the unit did get quite warm.

For the price I think this product performs quite well. I will probably use it as a fill in exercise, as it is easy to set it up and pedal away while I am watching my favorite show. I am also going to suggest this for my mother who is in need of an exercise that she can do while sitting down.

Do you have any suggestions on great low impact and compact exercise equipment? Comment below and we will check it out.

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written on 29 August 2017 - Reply

This is great for any one who has had total knee replacement
I highly recommend this item
After two replacements this is
The beat better than a stationary bike
I no longer use the bike

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