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Gold Anti Aging Facial BB Makeup Cosmetic Bar

BB Facial Hudson

Gold Anti Aging Facial BB Makeup Cosmetic Bar: It’s been a long time since I have treated myself to a facial and with all the stress of the past couple of weeks I decided now was the time to treat myself to a facial. So I decided to give my friend Brooke from BB Makeup a call and schedule “me time.”

BB Facial

The pampering at BB Makeup starts even before the facial starts. The facial room is beautifully decorated and there is relaxing music playing in the background. Brooke started out by wrapping me in a soft, warm robe and sitting me down in the massage chair. Warmed booties are put on my feet, a warmed neck warmer is placed around my neck and I am tucked in with soft warm blankets. If you think this sounds amazing, it really is and she hasn’t even started the facial yet.

BB Cosmetic Bar Facial

I have had facials in the past and they were all very relaxing, but the facial at BB Makeup was by far the most hands on, in-depth facial I have ever had. For the entire hour Brooke was hands on except for the time I was under the light therapy mask. I was so relaxed throughout the whole facial that I can’t even begin to tell you everything that was done.

BB Makeup Stone Massage

I can tell you that my favorite part of the facial was definitely the hot stone massage. I didn’t even know you could have a hot stone face massage, but trust me you can and it is amazing.

BB Cosmetic Bar Gold Facial

With the gold anti-aging facial you really do get real gold applied to your face. The gold is said to improve skin texture, tone, appearance, redness, elasticity, wrinkles, dark spots, and hydration. Gold facials go all the way back to the time of Cleopatra. She is rumored it to have done it every night to maintain her beauty. I can see why!

BB Light Therapy

My skin has never felt so soft! Ask everyone I have seen today, I have made them all feel how soft my face is. I left Bb Makeup feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I am going to make an effort to have BB facials become a more regular part of my life.

Whether you choose the gold anti-aging facial or any of the other offered I would recommend giving Brooke from BB Makeup a call and schedule an appointment. And while you are there it’s always fun to see the newest makeup products in the cosmetic bar.

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