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Giordano’s Part 2: Frozen Deep Dish Pizza Review

Giordano's Frozen Pizza

Giordano’s Part 2: Frozen Deep Dish Pizza Review – Now after feasting on a five course meal, I am not one to turn down gifts to be sent home with, especially in the form of food. Giordano’s has always been readily available online to ship frozen deep-dish pizzas to your door to get that authentic taste of Chicago without having to make the trip.

Giordano's Togo

During these busy first few months of opening at the Minneapolis location, and a 45-minute minimum call ahead time to get a fresh one out of the oven to go (as I’m hearing), you always have the option to walk-in and grab one from their freezer that is located right next to the main entrance. However, it still takes a good 45-minutes to cook it. So, you take the frozen pie home, throw it in the microwave for 6-minutes for ultimate cheese gooeyness, spread warmed extra sauce pouch across pie, then place it on the center rack of your oven at 325 degrees for 40-minutes. Viola!

Giordano's Pizza Frozen

Does it uphold to the fresh ones hot out-of-the-oven from their restaurant? Not quite. The cheese and sauce are still terrific tasting as in-store, but the double crust tends to break away from each other and the taste just is not as satisfying. Would I still purchase a frozen one with the restaurant readily available? Of course, and a why not? I still have late night cravings combined with laziness. So having a few in my freezer for emergency situations is a must. Plus you can always let them thaw in your refrigerator and reduce the cooking time by 10-minutes. The dining experience will always be my first choice, but stuffing my face as I sit on the couch with a true Chicago deep-dish comes in at a close second. By the way, I love my new coffee mug.

Ship a Giordano’s Pizza to your home today.

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written on 18 April 2021 - Reply

Well, you have a location to get it fresh from in MN. In many other states, shipping is the only way to get this.

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