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Furious 7 Review

Furious 7

Furious 7…WOW!! I know it’s not Summer yet, and a lot of blockbusters come out during that time but…this is the movie of the year!!

It was comical, intense and furious…so furious in fact that several patrons started fighting one hour and forty minutes in. Yes, some idiots in the VIP 21+ drinking section where I was, ruined a good five minutes of what may have been a remarkable action scene (which was the entire movie – all action).

This seventh installment in this series was seriously non-stop intense, cheer for the family, pure action…with a great story line that ties in the previous six.  They even subliminally tell you why they dropped “Fast” from the title. Love that they kept the original actors for all of the characters unlike some other sequels. Many cameos as well (Levy Tran…heeeey), no spoilers here.  Not to mention unbelievable stunts, literally.  Who cares though, it was BADASS!!

They did Paul Walker right too in a montage tribute focused on his character.  If you don’t tear up at the end, then you’re not a true fan, or just not as emotional as me. Nothing after the credits so don’t bother sticking around to see if there are surprises. I was at Paragon Odyssey Theater in #burnsville for the 7pm showing on April 2nd for anyone wanting to know where it turned into a 4D film. Go see this movie in IMAX. Was worth it! 5/5 easily.


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