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Facial Hair Removal Epilator Coil Review


Facial Hair Removal Epilator Coil Review: When women get to a certain age facial hair pops up here and there and it must be taken care of. This product caught our eye as something we should try.

We would like to state that we watched a few YouTube videos on the Epilator tool before we tried it and most of the women raved about the product and didn’t seem to be in any pain… Watch our video review to see if that was the case for us.

Here is what Cheeky says about their product: Works by extracting hairs from the root. Hair removal by bending the coil over the hair then giving a twisting action entrapping the hair for a rapid pluck.

Do you have any hair removal products that you think we we should try? Comment below and maybe we will check them out.

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written on 24 November 2015 - Reply

Thanks you for the review !

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