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Everyone Needs Coborns Delivers In Their Life

grocery delivery service twin cities

Everyone needs Coborns Delivers in their life! I hate grocery shopping. I cannot tell you how many times I have shopped, put my food in the cart, put my food on the belt, put my food in a bag, paid an enormous amount of money, put my food back in the cart, and got to my car only to think to myself, “I want to just get in my car and go”. But I don’t. I put $3000.00 worth of food, that will go bad before we eat it in my car, only to get home and drag it in the house and put it away. I need a nap just thinking about it!

Jenni’s Experience with Coborns Delivers:

I dislike grocery shopping in the bitter cold. I despise grocery shopping in the snow, because, well, pushing a cart through a slush filled parking lot in 5 inch heels is not my thing. I’m sure you know by now how I feel about shopping in the rain. On sunny days, who wants to be at the grocery store? Nobody! With that being said, I decided to try Coborns Delivers! What an amazing invention (by the way, I am pretty sure I invented this, but more on that another day.)

My Son was complaining on Tuesday night at 9pm, about not having any food in the house, and as usual, I argued with him and told him that if he cant make a bundt cake for himself for dinner, that is his problem! So I decided to get off Facebook and take a little peek at the www.cobornsdelivers.com. WOW!

If I placed this order in by 11pm, I could have groceries delivered to my home by Wednesday at 5pm. I have procrastinated about grocery shopping much longer than this! At the normal (not virtual) grocery store I get the same items every week, for the most part. You know what I mean, right? I get half of the ingredients for 700 meals.

Have you started looking up Coborns Delivers yet?

I logged into Coborns Delivers website and start adding to my cart. The prices are comparable and sometimes better than my local grocery store. You can use coupons and they have a fuel discount program. This is amazing! I was like a drunken sailor! I put the usual items in my virtual cart and then I started adding all the things that I always want to get but don’t want to haul or I don’t have the room in my usual “real” shopping cart…. water softener salt! 4 bags! They had their store brand of bottled water on sale, so I got 3 cases!

My son walks into the living room to offer me some bundt cake batter, and I say, “ I went grocery shopping.” By 5pm on Wednesday (the next day) that big yellow truck backs down my driveway and that ‘beep beep beep’ was the most glorious sound that I have ever heard! I waited quietly by the door and it seemed to take forever! What is he doing? Does he need help? Did he fall down? Finally he comes with 4 Giant green totes on a dolly.

My driver was an angel sent to me…

You Guys. He looked like an angel! He was smiling and said, in the sweetest angel voice, “Hi! How are you?” I said, “You look cold. Come in right now, bring the food”.  He said with a smile, “No i’m not cold” I say, “Oh! That’s right! Food Angels don’t get cold”!  The baby daddy was home, and he is looking at me like, “don’t you scare him of like you did with the Schwanns man”! I said, “You are a gift, I love you and I hope you are mine forever”!  He just quietly unpacked my groceries, handed them to me at the door, and then went back 3 more times! Each time he took the big green totes back to his truck. Almost like he has done this before! He is good at this!

Then. He brought in my softener salt and he brought in my water! No hauling for me! Yippee! The Baby Daddy, is a big tipper from way back, and tried to give my delivery angel a $10.00 tip and my new best friend, refused this! Almost like he enjoyed this! I later saw on the website that drivers don’t take tips but they will gladly take a smile.

As I unpacked these bags, I have never felt this sense of accomplishment in my life! I was saying, “Wow! I am really good at grocery shopping”! My family was rolling their eyes, like I was kidding. While i’m thinking of all the times I forgot to buy pretty much everything, at the real store. Or that one time, that I tried this shopping thing at Walmart and having to go back into to get the 4 bags that I paid for and accidentally left on that carousel thing. Im still mad about that, and that was in 2006. I haven’t been back since.

It was better than I ever expected! 

Coborns sent everything that I needed and it all arrived as promised. While putting the food away, I am touching all of it for the first time. I am really good at this, I have found my calling! I highly recommend Coborns Delivers, if there was a rating system, I would say 1000 stars out of 10.

Some may say that I am coming off as lazy, but I like to call this “outsourcing”. They have an app for your phone! I have $175.00 in my cart for next time. My delivery Angel can visit us, Monday/Wednesday/Friday in Hudson, WI.

I promised my family I would not invade the angels space and I will not hug him when he delivers my food. I am guessing he wouldn’t mind just one hug if it accidentally happened tonight when my next delivery arrives.

Learn more on how to get Coborns Delivers:

Find out how it works here. Thank you to our guest writer Jenni for her review on Coborns Delivers! We are not affiliated or payed by Coborns Delivers in any manner.

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