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DIY Eye Makeup Remover Video

DIY eye makeup remover video. Are you sick of all the strong chemicals in your makeup remover or even the smell? We are, so we set out to make our own makeup remover and think we found the perfect recipe.

This process was quick and easy. Coconut oil, vitamin E oil and small glass jars.

Fill the glass container with coconut oil and then put in microwave for 5-10 seconds until it turns to liquid. Then add 1/4 teaspoon of vitamin e oil to the coconut oil and stir (we used a toothpick.)

Once completely mixed, put the lid on and store in a cool place until it turns to a solid. You don’t have to refrigerate this product.

Apply a small amount to a makeup remover pad and gently wipe the eye. Be sure to keep your eyes fully closed while applying the makeup remover.

Coconut oil would work alone but we added vitamin E because of all the benefits to our skin.

Benefits of using vitamin E oil: aids in keeping your skin looking young and soft. The skin under and your eye doesn’t produce as much of the natural oil that is necessary to keep the skin firm and vibrant. Applying vitamin E under your eyes helps prevent puffiness because it will constrict blood vessels, which will keep fluids from building up.

It can also help prevent dark circles from forming under your eyes. Don’t rub the skin under your eyes. Under eye skin is fragile and rubbing it can cause bags and wrinkles. Instead, lightly tap the skin to penetrate that area with vitamin E.

We were thrilled with the results and will continue to use this product! If you have made your own makeup remover please tell us about it in the comment section below.

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