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DIY Candy Bouquet

Candy Bouquet

DIY Candy Bouquet: Are you looking for an easy craft that looks impressive? Then this DIY candy bouquet is something you should try. It makes a great gift for any occasion and is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

It is not difficult to make and can work for just about any budget. We purchased all of our supplies at our local Walmart. We ended up only using half of the candy (bonus for us!), so the entire bouquet came in at under $10.00

DIY candy bouquet

Supplies Needed:
Jar, Vase or cup
Candy sticks
Glass beads (helps stabilize)
Grass or gift wrap crinkle
Small message balloon

Line the jar with different candy bars then place glass beads in the jar to stabilize the candy. Tape your different kinds of candy to the candy sticks and arrange just the way you like. Wrap your jar with ribbon and secure.

In just a few minutes you have your candy masterpiece! I would advise that you over purchase on the candy like I did, that way you can snack and create at the same time. I am much more creative when I am eating chocolate!

Do you have any DIY projects you just love? Comment below or on our Facebook page we would love to hear about them!

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