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Home/Reviews/Chia Pet Emoji Decorative Planter Review

Chia Pet Emoji Decorative Planter Review

Chia Pet Emoji Tears of Joy

Chia Pet Emoji Decorative Planter Review – Everyone at some point in time has most likely had a Chia Pet. We got a Chia Pet Emoji “Tears of Joy” as a gift. And you guessed it, we photographed our day to day progress.

A Bit About Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia® Pets:

For over 40 years, Joseph Enterprises has been making Chia Pets. Watch your favorite animals and characters grow! For the green thumb and home chef, choose the Chia Herb Garden. For Kids, choose from over 30 Chia Pets that are fun and educational and packed with seeds for multiple plantings. Full growth within 2-3 weeks!

Instructions Found on Chia Pet Website:

Step 1: Soak your Chia Planter in water for half an hour.

Step 2: In a separate container, mix 2 teaspoons of Chia Seeds with 1⁄4 cup water. Stir mixture occasionally for half an hour to form a gel-like paste which will help seeds adhere to your Chia Planter.

Step 3: Empty excess water from your planter and place planter on the drip tray provided.

Step 4: Spread the chia seed mixture evenly on the grooved surface of your planter, using a small knife, a spoon or your fingers. Depending on the surface of your planter, you may not use all of the seed mixture. Don’t water your planter for 2 days to let the seeds adhere to the planter so they won’t slide off. NOTE: Don’t worry if the chia seed are looking very dry, they will start to sprout once you add water.

Step 5: After letting the seeds adhere to your planter for 2 days, fill your Chia Planter with water. Place Planter in drip tray. Keep your planter filled with water daily. Once you add water to your Chia Planter, the dry seeds will become moist and begin the growing process. TIP: Place a plastic bag loosely over the Chia Planter for a few days until the seeds sprout or mist your planter daily to moisten the seeds.

Step 6: When the growth appears leggy or overgrown, it is time to remove the old growth. Chia Planters should be washed and can be replanted indefinitely.

We’ve Tried It Results:

We followed the directions to a tee! Step 5 calls for placing a plastic bag loosely around the Chia Pet.

Chia Pet Review We've Tried It

Within a day of taking the plastic tent off of our Chia we noticed mold all over the head.

Chia Pet Mold We've Tried It

We have seen some growth and were excited to think we were getting closer to a thick head of green Chia.

Chia Pet Day 3 Review

And more…

Chia Pet Day 4 Review

Now we have more mold and it all seems to be wilting away. We have watered exactly how the instructions directed. We are calling it a day with our Chia Pet Emoji.

Chia 5

Our Final Thoughts:

While it was fun to see the progress each day, that faded quickly. Mold started showing up a day after we took the tented plastic bag off.  We had a few days where we thought the grass was growing thicker and thicker and then it was over. We started this process on December 27th and are calling it quits on January 8th.

Have you had a Chia Pet? We want to hear about your experience in the comments below. If you have a picture of a full headed Chia please post it on We’ve Tried It Facebook page.

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