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CHips Review

Lay’s Potato Chips 4 Flavor Finalists Review

Lays 4 flavor finalists

Lay’s Potato Chips 4 Flavor Finalists Review by PhatPhood: Lay’s done did it again. Fans submitted flavor ideas and they were bagged in crispy potato chip form.

From left to right of the screen that is facing you:

Lays Chips

Wasabi & Ginger ~ Best out of the four! The flavor is spot on and it’s not overbearing. I could snack on these anytime I don’t have sushi and I want to get rid of that craving. 4/5 (I gave the Wasabi & Ginger a 4/5 because it comes in a 8.5oz while the others come in 9.5oz. It is the only one kettle fried while the mango is “wavy” or rippled.)

Second was the Cappuccino ~ Surprisingly this is my second favorite flavor. You want to dislike it because you’re like “Coffee!? Potato chip?!” Yes, it works. As an excellent dessert chip…that’s right, I’ll be crushing this over some vanilla bean ice cream later this evening. It has a great mocha/coffee flavor to it. If it actually had caffeine, I would have it for breakfast! 4/5

Next up, Mango Salsa ~ Too much fruity mango tasting crystals added. First time trying, it hit me harder than I had expected. A little kick with the salsa flavor as well. I tasted this one again after I had tried all four and I swear I got a hint of Fruity Pebbles. So it’s either inconsistent or my pallet is out of whack tonight. 3/5

Lastly, Bacon Mac n Cheese ~ I really wanted this to be my favorite. It just tastes like cheesy Lay’s but salter with all the flavor taken out. This is the last one I would get. Darn you, this was my pick before the tasting! 2/5

Oh well, Wasabi & Ginger it is! If you have tried the finalists be sure to vote for your favorite.

What should PhatPhood review next? Leave us a comment below. Don’t forget to follow @PhatPhood on Instagram (unless you don’t like food then don’t bother.)


Girls DIY

Homemade Peanut Butter Recipe Video

How to Make Homemade Peanut Butter

Homemade Peanut Butter Recipe Video: We recently had the opportunity to try some homemade peanut butter made by a friend. Amazed by the fresh, creamy deliciousness, we knew we had to make our own.

There are many recipes on the internet for peanut butter, some call for oil, butter and salt. We decided to use store bought roasted salted peanuts. There was no need to add anything except the peanuts. The oil and salt used in the roasting process is enough to give the peanut butter a creamy texture and great flavor.

Using our Kitchenaid food processor we simply poured in the desired amount of peanuts and turned the machine on. Starting with the chop setting and moving up to the puree setting.

The peanuts will go through a couple of stages. First they will turn into a powder, then they will get firm and be almost a peanut ball. Continuing to process the oils, it begins to release and you get the creamy peanut butter. It took us about 3 minutes of processing to achieve the desired consistency.

In just a few minutes time you get delicious peanut butter and the satisfaction of making it yourself! You can purchase the Kitchenaid Food Chopper here for $39.99.

Do you have a favorite recipe you make in your food processor? Comment below, we love trying new things.

knife sharpener

Crock Stick Gourmet Knife Sharpener Review

Lansky crock stick review

Crock Stick 4 Rod Gourmet Knife Sharpener Review: If you watched our 4 minute corn on the cob video then you already know that we needed to sharpen our knives. A friend highly recommended Crock Stick to us, so we gave it a try.

This innovative Sharpening System features a solid hardwood base, permanent hand guard and an integral snap-in rod storage under the base. The 4 rod model features 2 medium grit (grey) and 2 fine grit (white) 9″ alumina ceramic rods.

Gourmet Knife Sharpener Instructions from the Lansky website:

The Gourmet Sharpener can be used for either 1-stage or 2-stage sharpening. The grey Ceramic Rods are for sharpening, and the white Ceramic Rods are for polishing.

Set Up- Always begin by placing the Gourmet Sharpener on a stable and flat surface at a comfortable working height.

Rice Cooker

How to Make a Giant Pancake in a Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker Pancake

How to Make a Giant Pancake in a Rice Cooker: You may have already seen the videos on YouTube or social media of giant pancakes made in rice cookers, Weve Tried It wanted see if it really worked.

It’s simple! Make whatever kind of pancake mix you want. We used simple box mix that you just add water. Fill the rice cooker to the half way point, it will rise. Check out the video and see if it worked for us:

The first batch we ending up burning. The Second batch we cooked for only 20 minutes and it turned out good. Our rice cooker is small and after 5 or so minutes it turned off indicating that the pancake was done. It was not, the cook light wouldn’t stay on so we taped the ON button down. After the 20 min is up let the cake sit in the rice cooker for a couple minutes on the warmer.

There are several variations to this recipe, you can add chocolate chips, blueberries, bananas or cocoa powder to the mix. Another method we have seen is where you can cook it overnight in the rice cooker on the warming setting. We will try this another day and let you know.

Have you ever make a giant pancake in a rice cooker? Leave us a comment below and let us know how it worked out for you.

Oster dog grooming

Oster Animal Super Duty Advanced Clipper Review

Betty Before

Oster Animal Super Duty Advanced Clipper Review: As you can see from the photo above, Betty was in need of grooming. She might be the calmest dog around, so we decided to give it a try ourselves with the Oster Super Duty Clippers.

Oster’s website says, “The Oster® Advanced Kit is optimized for use with dogs and designed to carve through thick, dense fur. It is built with a powerful Pivot Motor design for extreme cutting power and reduced noise. This ensures a faster and quieter cut that also helps reduce your dog’s fear and anxiety through the grooming process.”

Following the included DVD instructions, we gave Betty a good brushing and bath before beginning. Starting out the cut with the longest safety comb that was included and we worked our way down. This was not the quickest method, but we wanted to be extra careful since it was our first time using the Oster clippers.


Using the safety combs did remove a fair amount of hair, but once we had completed those, we went for it. Using just the tug-free blade is when the real grooming began.

The clipper did a great job getting through Betty’s very thick coat. We were able to groom her down to a nice length using the clippers, following up shears to give her the final finishing touches.

Betty Haircut

The Oster clippers are definitely going to come in handy keeping Betty looking good. Do you groom your dog at home? Tell us what kind of clippers you use in the comment section below.

You can purchase the Oster Clippers here.

Hair extensions bust

Hair Extensions Gone Wrong Video

Hair Extensions Gone Wrong Video: It’s just like it sounds, hair extensions gone wrong. One word of advice, when your beautician tells you that your hair isn’t long enough for extensions she’s probably right.

Those who know me, know that at times I can be impatient and pushy. Growing my hair out has been a long process and quite frankly I want long hair NOW.

I wish I would have taken more photos, but once I saw that I was going to look like Garth Algar from Wayne’s World we immediately took them out.

Moral of the story: Listen to your hair stylist!

Have you had any mishaps with your hair, where you went against what your stylist suggested to you? We want to hear about it. Leave us a comment below.

Chop Magic Review

As Seen On TV Chop Magic Review

As Seen on TV Chop Magic

As Seen On TV Chop Magic Review: Shirley can’t help herself and continues to buy from late night infomercials. This time we are going to try out the Chop Magic. Check out the video to see if we recommend this product to you.

As Seen On TV website says, “You are going to love the way Chop Magic chopper chops, minces, cubes, slices and dices in just seconds! Chopping the old fashioned way is tough and can take forever. It’s also tough work and a lot of tears. Chop Magic™ chopper is lightning fast and easy with just one pass.

With Chop Magic chopper you can chop a whole onion in just one second. The secret is in the 12 ultra-sharp stainless steel precision blades that guarantee uniform results every time. The catch container keeps your kitchen clean, and doubles as a six cup measuring container. Everything also stores neatly inside the container.”

We were very pleased with the product and the results, we will most likely use the Chop Magic all the time. I think you can see from the video that it is extremely easy to use. Think of the time you will save not having to cut up your veggies and fruit by hand.

You can purchase the Chop Magic here.

Brownie maker

Bella Ultimate Brownie Maker Review

Bella Ultimate Brownie Maker Review: Today we tested out this product that we purchased at our local Target store.

This table top appliance is about the size of a waffle maker. It come with a brownie cutter that you use to make 8 brownies at a time. The instruction manual also includes many brownie recipes that look absolutely delicious.

photo 4 (2)

For our test we used Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix using the cake like brownie variation on the box. Just follow the directions on your favorite mix as normal for the Brownie Maker.

The directions to use the Bella Ultimate Brownie Maker are to heat up the unit and oil the top and bottom cooking plates as well as the brownie cutter. I used my pastry brush to do this and it worked great.

Once the unit is heated and prepared you spoon 1 tablespoon of brownie mix into each square and close the top. The direction say to cook for 8 minutes with the top closed then open the top and cook for an additional minute. I found that with my mix cooking for 6 minutes with the top closed cooked them to perfection.

Brownie Mix

After the brownies are done cooking just lift out the brownie cutter and remove the brownies from the cooking plate. I was happy with how easily the brownie cutter came out and I was left with perfectly shaped brownies. I decided to rinse off the brownie cutter between batches to ensure I was starting with a clean cutter. I repeated the oiling process for each batch and they all came out perfectly.

Bella Brownies

We think this is a great product to use when you just want to make a little treat for yourself or your family but don’t want to have a whole pan of brownies in the house. You can just mix up the whole batch and put the rest in Ziploc bags and store in the freezer for next time you are looking for a little treat.

Bella Housewares also makes quite a few other table top appliances and based on these great results we would definitely recommend their products.

Bella Ultimate Brownie Maker Review

Do you have a product that you would like us to review? Comment below.

Baking soda

No Poo Shampoo Review

Baking soda

No Poo Shampoo Review: So I decided to stop using shampoo and jump on this “no poo shampoo” train that I have been hearing about. In theory it made sense to me, that commercially made hair washes strip your hair and scalp of their natural oils which makes your scalp freak out and produce more and more which makes you rely more heavily on soaps to clean it.

Still. I have very fine, oily hair. Generally two days without shampoo and my hair is an oily mess. Could I really go without using shampoo?

No-poo is taking shampoo and conditioner out of the picture entirely, and substituting baking soda and vinegar. The baking soda acts as the cleaning agent in the hair washing process. You only use enough to cleanse your hair, so you don’t need to worry about it frying (seems to be the biggest hesitation when it comes to the no-poo method). The vinegar acts as the conditioning agent, and can leave your hair feeling soft, shiny, and overall…CLEAN.

I’m loving being shampoo free. My hair and scalp love it too, it is soft, full and shiny. I have had many comments on how healthy it looks.

Directions: Place the baking soda in a airtight container in your shower. Each time you need to wash your hair place about a tablespoon of soda in the palm of your (wet) hand. The water on your hand will help form a paste. Get this paste on your fingertips and massage in the roots of your hair. If your hair is especially thick, add more baking soda. Keep in until your hair starts to feel slippery and the baking soda has mostly dissolved.

Then condition with the vinegar rinse. I keep a spray bottle of vinegar in the shower, spray on your hair then rinse out. I have not noticed any vinegar smell afterwards and I love the way my hair looks and feels.

I have been using this method on my daughter hair as well and now there is no worries about getting soap in her eyes, this really is a no-tears way of cleaning.

Have you tried the “no poo” method and what do you think? Leave us a comment below.


Hamilton Beach 10 Minute FastPop Ice Pop Maker Review

Frozen fresh fruit popsicles

Hamilton Beach 10 Minute FastPop Ice Pop Maker Review: The Hamilton Beach 68770 Ice Pop maker is a fantastic product with many great benefits. Weve Tried It and will definitely use this over and over again.

Gone are the days of going to grab a popsicle from the freezer only to realize they need to be tossed out because they are covered with ice crystals and are slimy.

What interested us the most is that we could make 100% real juice popsicles in 10 minutes. Today we had some fun and decided to get all fancy, adding fresh cut up strawberries, blueberries and kiwi and used Welches Sparkling Red Grape Juice.

Hamilton Beach FastPop

We cut the fruit into smaller pieces and loaded them into the machine and then poured in our juice.

So how does it work? Keep you FastPop Ice Maker in the freezer all the time, and when you are ready for a treat take it out and pour in your preferred juice, put the handles in and that’s it. You don’t even put back in the freezer, just leave it on the counter and it goes to work.

Popsicle maker

You can make up to six popsicles before the base needs to go back in the freezer.

The ice pop maker machine includes the fast pop maker base, six dishwasher-safe sticks and a removal tool. You can use your own ingredients and easily prepare healthy treats in the comfort of your home with the Hamilton Beach Fast Ice Pop maker. This seems like a win!

Fresh fruit popsicles

This seems like it would be a great gift too! You can purchase this for $24.88 at WalMart.