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Lay's Do Us a Flavor

Lay’s Do Us a Flavor Finalists Review


Lay’s Do Us a Flavor Finalists Review: Hey Lay’s, I’m about to do you a flavor! On behalf of We’ve Tried It, I’m trying the four finalist for Do Us A Flavor.

Pictured from left to right in order from best to worst.

1) Wavy West Coast Truffle Fries submitted by Angie Fu – a no brainer, these are addictingly delicious. The truffle oil doesn’t over power the parsley and having them wavy was the right way to go for the size and the crunch.

2) New York Reuben submitted by Jeff Solensky – not much to these, simply faint cheddar and pickles mixed together, closer to a cheeseburger with a hint of ketchup, just slightly beating out the next flavor, yet still a good combo for road trips.

3) Southern Biscuits and Gravy submitted by Hailey Green – yes there is a slight taste of the peppery gravy, but that’s about it. The lightest flavor out of the four. Could easily be mistaken for just a pepper chip. Not good enough to crave for more.

4) Kettle Cooked Greektown Gyro submitted by James Wagner – what I thought would be my favorite ended up being a disaster in my mouth. The sniff upon opening isn’t even appealing. At first bite you get the impact of a gyro, but that goes away fast with every chip there after. What’s left is the taste of a baby puking garlic and onions into your mouth. After 5-minutes past of eating these, the film on my tongue began to linger and hard to get rid of with just water. These will haunt you.

Which is your favorite? Don’t forget to cast your vote on their website to have your favorite year round.

Giordano's Frozen Pizza 350

Giordano’s Part 2: Frozen Deep Dish Pizza Review

Giordano's Frozen Pizza

Giordano’s Part 2: Frozen Deep Dish Pizza Review – Now after feasting on a five course meal, I am not one to turn down gifts to be sent home with, especially in the form of food. Giordano’s has always been readily available online to ship frozen deep-dish pizzas to your door to get that authentic taste of Chicago without having to make the trip.

Giordano's Togo

During these busy first few months of opening at the Minneapolis location, and a 45-minute minimum call ahead time to get a fresh one out of the oven to go (as I’m hearing), you always have the option to walk-in and grab one from their freezer that is located right next to the main entrance. However, it still takes a good 45-minutes to cook it. So, you take the frozen pie home, throw it in the microwave for 6-minutes for ultimate cheese gooeyness, spread warmed extra sauce pouch across pie, then place it on the center rack of your oven at 325 degrees for 40-minutes. Viola!

Giordano's Pizza Frozen

Does it uphold to the fresh ones hot out-of-the-oven from their restaurant? Not quite. The cheese and sauce are still terrific tasting as in-store, but the double crust tends to break away from each other and the taste just is not as satisfying. Would I still purchase a frozen one with the restaurant readily available? Of course, and a why not? I still have late night cravings combined with laziness. So having a few in my freezer for emergency situations is a must. Plus you can always let them thaw in your refrigerator and reduce the cooking time by 10-minutes. The dining experience will always be my first choice, but stuffing my face as I sit on the couch with a true Chicago deep-dish comes in at a close second. By the way, I love my new coffee mug.

Ship a Giordano’s Pizza to your home today.

Giordano's 350

Giordano’s Minneapolis: The Phatphood Experience

Giordano's Pizza Minneapolis

Giordano’s Minneapolis: The Phatphood Experience – The wait is over! Authentic Chicago deep-dish pizza with gooey awesome cheese pulls and double crust has finally arrived in Minneapolis. 2700 Hennepin Avenue in Uptown to be exact.

Giordano's Ribbon CuttingGiordano's Pizza

Giordano’s hosts a beautiful corner structure with windows galore, framed to perfection. It shares a parking lot with a bank, so be prepared for residential parking during normal banking hours. With late night deals after 10pm like a six-inch-deep-dish and a beer for $10, the parking lot may never be empty. Handwritten neon and pizza marquees light the interior in true Uptown fashion.

My City My Pie

Giordano's Uptown

Giordano's Happy Hour

Walking-in, you are greeted by a hostess desk that is forefront to an aquarium style window to where all the magic happens in the back. To the right is a full service bar with high-top stools and premium Uptown viewing. To the left, a wide-open dining room with an entire wall mural of the downtown Minneapolis skyline that includes a propeller plane toting a banner that reads “MY CITY MY PIE.” Just before the back door that leads to the parking lot/patio you will also find two unisex single use restrooms in this 6000-square-foot, 110-seat sleek design by B3 Construction out of Naperville, Illinois.

Giordano'sGiordano's Minneapolis

“We are not a big corporation like Best Buy, but we did create sixty jobs” CEO, Yorgo Koutsogiorgas mentioned after the ceremonial ribbon cutting. Not big, but still operating over 40 restaurants in Chicago, three in Florida and a recently added location in Indiana. Yorgo also mentioned Arizona and Ohio as future locations. But at last, Minnesota gets it’s very own taste of Chicago. With no longer having to drive for six hours to enjoy a deep slice of pie, I can now put my gas money towards more pizza in my belly and more often, well, once the hype wears off. I predict long lines for months to come along with frustrated new comers not aware of the craze we have been yearning for years.

Giordano's Pizza Pie

That craze comes in a perfect circular dough matter with the highest quality of cheese (and lots of it), stuffed with classic flavors and topped with rich, yet delicate sauce.

Giordano's Thin crustGiordano's SaladGiordano's App

During this tasting we were offered a thin crust as well, good, but not as good as what they are known for. Get it big, and get it stuffed! The salad was above average. The bruschetta was excellent with a mound of diced ripe tomatoes and a sweet balsamic drizzle.

Giordano's 1

The tiramisu and chocolate cake were excellent and I highly recommend either, if you save room. I would pass on the cannolis however, just bland and not much to them. I have yet to try the spaghetti and meatballs, which I’ve heard only great things about. I figure, I have plenty of time. This is a good thing for Minneapolis and my cravings, give it time to fit-in and accept it!

Giordano's Togo

Stay tuned for part 2: The Take n Bake Experience…

Coup d’ état Review

Phatphood Coup d’ état Restaurant Review

Coup d’ état

Phatphood Coup d’ état Restaurant Review: I was suppose to come on Wednesday for Chef Tommy Begnaud’s new menu launch here at Coup d’ état. He is back ladies and gentlemen, and his presence is duly noted with his new French/Louisiana inspired menu, and it has some excellent choices on it! I wanted to try every new item on the menu (as they kept a few favorites from the previous menu) but it would require another visit.

Hush Puppies

Starting off with some of the Happy Hour items. Hush Puppies made with crawfish, creole remoulade and fennel. Salty balls of joy! 4/5 and only $6 for HH.

Cheese Curds

Another Happy Hour item, although carried over from previous menu: Cheese Curds…Sriracha battered with herbed buttermilk. What?! As good as it reads and looks. Fair food! 5/5 all day!


When Happy Hour ends at 6pm, do the right thing, order a bottle of the finest Malbec on their list. You can never go wrong.

Po Boy

This here is the crawfish Po’boy. Had the choice of andouille, shrimp or this, so of course I went this route to compare it to my other hometown favorite at Sea Salt, this one takes first place, simply for the taste. Quality over Quantity in this case. 5/5 that buttered bread though! $12


For an entree I got the Scallops with grits, étouffée, lardon and scallion. A very well balanced dish. Amazing pork belly aka bacon aka lardon. 5/5 The second most expensive item on the menu next to the steak. $22 but worth every bite.

Tommy, thank you for coming back and doing this menu for the remainder of the summer season. Well overdue! Someone just turn down the AC a bit inside. Cheers to the amazing bar tending staff, sit there and enjoy!

phatphood TC donut crawl

Second Annual Twin Cities Donut Crawl Review

phatphood donut crawl

Second Annual Twin Cities Donut Crawl Review: As I write my review this morning on behalf of We’ve Tried It for the Second Annual Twin Cities Donut Crawl 2015, I decided to do so while enjoying a double chocolate and a red velvet donut, both from Cafe Donuts.

TC Donut Crawl 2015

They were one of the eight participants for this years festivities held at a new location, Mears Park in St. Paul. The other seven local bakeries of pastry goodness were Glam Doll Donuts, Mojo Monkey Donuts, Bogarts DoughnutsYoyo Donuts, Angel Food, Denny’s 5th Ave and Mel-o-Glaze. Chef Shack was suppose to be a ninth addition, but rumor has it their truck broke down along the way. Biting into these sweet goodies as my thumb jabs away forming the next word on my iPhone keyboard, it’s hard to be mad at the events that took place yesterday.  When I woke up Saturday morning I had no clue it was going to rain, but grabbed the umbrella and headed to Mears Park for an 8:45am arrival time for this 9am to noon crawl.

Upon arrival, there wasn’t as much parking as stated due to a Farmers Market going on at the same time just blocks away. Although, I was lucky enough to score a meter a block away and it was free, again, due to the Farmers Market. There were check-in tents at all four corners of the park, so I walked up to the first one in sight and waited under five minutes to get my press pass (not sure what the benefits or significance of wearing this was), hoodie, shirt, coffee mug and donut box for the total VIP experience. I heard this check-in went poorly for some, like no shirts available in the size preregistered for, confusion on if you were in a VIP line or not, etc. seemed to go pretty smoothly for me, although I can see the issues. For instance, I switched up one of the shirt sizes I got, which they shouldn’t have allowed, and there was no communication between all check-ins as to whom has checked it off the handwritten list. 

Treat Yo'Self Donut Crawl

Staggered around the park were tents with each of the seven donut shops involved, a tent with a Dj centrally located and also a couple of small tents with gallons of hot coffee provided by Five Watt Coffee for free. Decided to head on over to the caffeine boost before the sugar rush. Now, I don’t know if it was because I got the very last pour out of the dispenser or not, but for me, this was the worst cup of coffee I’ve had. I can’t even describe the taste. Mehyuk! I did not have any more throughout the day to compare, but if I were to compare it to last years donut crawl and the same vendor, it was night and day.

As I waited for my “Get Donuts Crew” to arrive (seven of us total) I found it very challenging to hold a cup of hot coffee, a donut box and an umbrella. I blame Mother Nature for this struggle, along with not having a personal umbrella holder to follow me around during these tough times. Once my crew was fully assembled we decided to brave the intertwined and confused lines that were created by chance. Most likely no matter where you were standing in this park, you were in a line whether you wanted to be or not. You didn’t know which line you were in, where it started, where it ended, but hey…you were in a line to get a donut. Parents with strollers had the toughest time dealing with this situation as some of the lines lead through mud, rocks and even across man made creeks.

TC donut Crawl mug

The lines had merging lanes just like our wonderful traffic system here in the metro, and bumping umbrellas created gaps to allow others to cut in. You could hear the complaints and confusion from all directions of the crowd, most were “I still have yet to get a donut!” Some did the best they could to cover their donut box, most with the shirt they got with their $35 entrance fee. If you weren’t quick to cover your box, which looking around appeared to be the case, you were dealing with a wet piece of paper to enclose your donuts, if you were lucky enough to get some. Notable mention, VIP was $75 a person, got you some TCDC gear (love the jersey style light weight hoodie) but didn’t get you much of anything as far as line perks. 

Phatphood TC Donut Crawl Review

Once the chaos of 3800 attendees arrived, basically all at once (compared to 500 last year), the what was expected to be an organized donut crawl turned into exactly what it was, a wet mess. Announcements were made that each donut tent would open up the back sides to allow attendees to come from different directions and faster delivery as donuts were literally tossed into boxes. They also threw out the idea of stamping each box upon receiving a donut from each participant, mainly due to the rain, but also just to speed up the process. Once these two things happened, my crew agreed that lines were no longer valid. Just walk up to each tent and get your donut in a free-for-all frenzy, or as my crew member David decided was the “boop-boop” method. With that approach, we all got donuts from each location (more than one donut at some) in less than an hour. 

Twin Cities Donut Crawl

Despite the crappy weather, location and few flaws, Twin Cities Donut Crawl was still a success with raising “over 30,000 meals for Second Harvest Heartland” and everyone learns from their mistakes. You could complain all day long or do what we did and just deal with it and laugh at the situation. We were still all smiles as shown in the picture, and that credit goes to the fabulous participants that baked up all of the deliciousness and dealt with the situation like the pros that they are. Not a bad donut in the bunch and still enjoying mine! See you next year! 

Bacon Beer Can Burgers

Beer Can Bacon Burgers Recipe

Beer Can Burger Recipe

Beer Can Bacon Burgers Recipe: I’m sure you have seen posts all over the web for the latest grilling fad, beer can burgers. My sister gave them a try and said they were delicious!

The recipe can be anything you like. They used hamburger, morels, peppers, onions, bacon and shredded cheese.

Get your charcoal grill ready. Moving hot coals to the outside of grill. You want to cook these burgers on indirect heat. To keep the bacon from pulling off when you turn your burgers you can secure it with a toothpick.

Beer Can Hamburger

You will want your hamburger to be cold when forming. Using 2lb of hamburger (makes 4 burgers) split into 4 balls. Center a beer can with your burger ball and press down forming a bowl. Make sure that you have equal thickness all the way around the hamburger bowl. Using 2 pieces of bacon wrap all the way around the outside of bowl.

Grilling Beer Can Burgers

Take the burger bowl off of the beer can and start stuffing. On the bottom of bowl add shredded cheese, morel mushrooms, green peppers and onions. Top off the burger with more shredded cheese.

Beer Can Bacon Burgers

Place burgers in the center of the grill and cover. Cook for about 1 hour, rotating the burger at the halfway mark. Check at the 45 minute mark if you like them a little less done.

If you have made beer can burgers and did it differently please leave a comment below.

Punch Recipe

Ocean Water Punch Recipe

Party Punch Recipe

Ocean Water Punch Recipe: This is a fun punch recipe for celebrating your child’s birthday with friends or to just add a “punch” of color to your party table.

I just made this for a combination birthday/last day of school swimming party for my daughter’s class and they all loved it.


Blue Hawaiian Punch


Mix half Blue Hawaiian Punch and half lemonade in dispenser and add ice. Done! It doesn’t get much easier than 2 ingredients.

We decided it would be fun to decorate the dispenser and cups with sea life stickers to really create an undersea world and the kids loved it. For added effect we had a container of the “Fresh Catch Of The Day” (Swedish Fish) next to the punch. Everyone enjoyed snacking on these with their punch.

If we do this again we would add a game to it. Fill a fish bowl with Swedish Fish and have everyone guess how many fish were in the bowl. The winner gets a prize.

This would also be a great punch to make for a boy themed baby shower! Do you have any fun kids party recipes you have tried? Comment below we would love to hear from you.

Spirooli Spiral Slicer

Spirooli Spiral Slicer Review


Spirooli Spiral Slicer Review: This is the latest As Seen On TV product that We’ve Tried It put to the test. Check out the video. Not only will you get to see the Spirooli in action, you will also learn how to make Avocado Basil Pesto.

I thought the Spirooli was quick and easy as well as the clean up. However, with it being light, if not held down securely with one hand it can jump from the counter while you are rotating the handle with the other. It does have suction cup feet, but we used the cutting board for the visual and they did not suction to the board. It also makes a plastic-on-plastic squeak when rotating handle sometimes. I will continue to use it and try other vegetables. 6/10

Avocado Basil Pesto

Avocado Basil Pesto Ingredients:

1 cup basil
1/2 avocado
1 clove of garlic
Handful of pine nuts
Juice of half a lemon
Salt and pepper to taste
Sun dried tomatoes

Throw the first 4 ingredients into food processor. Process until everything is well combined. Mix in juice of half a lemon. Season with sea salt and pepper to desired liking.

The sauce was a little too thick for my liking so I added about a tablespoon of olive oil. This is optional. For the zucchini noodles, I just spiraled one med zucchini. I topped off this recipe with sun dried tomatoes.


Sammy's Speed Dog

Sammy’s Speed Dog Restaurant Review

Sammy's Speed Dog Review

Sammy’s Speed Dog Restaurant Review: Sit back and enjoy the dog show! Because being my first time here, I had to try four of their best and recommended.

It looks like an old small sized DQ from a distance, and as you get closer (from the west) you discover a half sports car embedded in the side of this raceway pit stop structure.

Inside you see a large printed and detailed style menu along with photo monitors of the finished product. Speedometer style ceiling fans spun alive as Johnathon, an upbeat guy with suggestions for newbies, greets you and makes you feel welcomed. Made it a good experience all together.

Chili Cheese Dog

Starting it off with #8 Chili Cheese Dog: Grilled Vienna beef dog topped with chili, homemade cheese sauce and diced onions. The chili is actually really good here and now I want the chili cheese fries, next visit! Their buns are awesome, grilled on each side. 5/5

Kansas City Dog

Next up #10 Kansas City Dog: A grilled Vienna beef dog topped with BBQ pulled pork and creamy coleslaw on a grilled Minnesota flat bun. Coleslaw was cool, but that BBQ pulled pork made this dog a wiener! 5/5

Bacon Wrapped Cheddar Melt

On to the third #5 Bacon Wrapped Cheddar Melt: A deep fried Vienna beef bacon wrapped dog with mustard, homemade cheese sauce, topped with grilled onions. Just a simple delicious dog. Their cheese is addictive. 5/5

LA Street Dog

Last but not least, my favorite #3 LA Street Dog: A Vienna beef bacon wrapped dog with grilled onions, poblano peppers, diced tomatoes and jalapenos on a toasted Minnesota flat bun topped with a zig zag of mayo and ketchup. The perfect combination dog. I need 3 more of these. 5/5

Had their seasoned fries with each dog, different, definitely cinnamon involved, I liked them, it works.

They have a drive thru, but don’t expect fast paced raceway dogs flying out the door, quality takes time and it states this on the wall inside the restaurant. They also serve cheese curds, gyros and fresh mini donuts.

This may be the first review where everything received a 5/5. If you are in Shakopee, MN be sure to stop by Sammy’s Speed Dog!

Beef Nachos Recipe

Beef Nachos Recipe Easy

Beef Nachos

Beef Nachos Recipe Easy: After Phatphood posted a photo of the most delicious looking nachos on his Instagram page last week from Bbq’d Productions in Chicago we had to make our own.

Granted ours are completely different but they were really tasty. You can use ground beef, chicken, pork or no meat at all, whatever your heart desires. Same with your ingredients, go wild!

Nacho Ingredients

Ingredients that we used:

Ground Beef (browned)

Green Onion (chopped thinly)

Sweet Corn

Mexican Shredded Cheese

Roma Tomatoes (diced)


Black Olives


Sour Cream

Fresh Salsa

Salt and Pepper

One thing that I forgot at the store was black beans. I would definitely add them next time and more cheese, you can’t go wrong with more cheese.

Nacho Chips

First brown the hamburger. On a large sheet pan spread out your chips, layer with cheese, hamburger, green onions, jalapenos and more cheese.

Nacho Prep

Place in 350 degree oven for around 15 minutes to melt cheese and crisp up your chips. Once out of the oven top with the rest of your ingredients.

Smothered Nachos

We served ours with fresh salsa and sour cream. Both pans were gone quickly.

You can check out the photo of Phatphood’s nachos here.