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Nail polish hack

Nail Polish Art Life Hack Bust

Nail polish hack

We have tried out lots life hacks and not many have worked the way that they were described. Generally we don’t post them but we decided you should see our fails. Most fails come with a lot of laughter, so it’s worth the effort.

Look at the picture above – the groovy nails. Looks cool, right? All you have to do is put several drops of your favorite nail polish colors in a bowl of water. Mix the nail polish with a toothpick.

Put Vaseline on your fingers (not the nails.) Dip each nail in to the water for the results above. NOT! Check out Shirley’s nails after we followed the directions above. You can’t really tell by our bowl after mixing with the toothpick, but we did add 4 different colors. It’s a bust. Big fail.

nail polish fail

Gel Perfect Review Weve Tried It

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect 5 Minute Nail Color Review

Gel Perfect Review Weve Tried It

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect 5 Minute Nail Color Review: 5 minutes and go, that’s what caught my eye while shopping for some new nail polish. With everything to do around the house I never seem to have time to do my nails and let them dry.

Generally one of 2 things seems to happen, either I end up with smudged nails or I don’t do my nails at all. To be honest the second is usually the case. 5 minutes to dry nails I could do, so I purchased the orchid color.

The package comes with a very small bottle of color, a bottle of activator and a bottle of brush cleaner. I paid 9.98 for the kit which seems a little pricey for such a small amount of polish.

The instructions are pretty clear and simple. Apply the activator to one hand sealing the edges, then immediately apply the color and repeat on the second hand. Next apply another coat of activator, another coat of color then a top coat of activator and repeat on second hand. Applying 5 coats onto my nails took a little longer than I expected, but was not at all difficult.

Day 1

5 minutes later my nails were rock hard dry! I was so happy to have found a quick nail kit. I woke up the next morning to extreme disappointment, almost all of my nails were chipped.

Day 2

Day 3 was even worse, on some nails over half of the polish had completely chipped off. While this product did dry as quickly as promised the polish did not last for even 24 hours. This is definitely not a product that I could recommend.

Day 3


Facial Hair Removal Epilator Coil Review


Facial Hair Removal Epilator Coil Review: When women get to a certain age facial hair pops up here and there and it must be taken care of. This product caught our eye as something we should try.

We would like to state that we watched a few YouTube videos on the Epilator tool before we tried it and most of the women raved about the product and didn’t seem to be in any pain… Watch our video review to see if that was the case for us.

Here is what Cheeky says about their product: Works by extracting hairs from the root. Hair removal by bending the coil over the hair then giving a twisting action entrapping the hair for a rapid pluck.

Do you have any hair removal products that you think we we should try? Comment below and maybe we will check them out.

Missy Germain

Restaurant Review: Crave at Mall of America

Missy Germain and girls

Restaurant Review: Crave at Mall of America: If you have been to MOA then you know that there are many different restaurants to pick from. Thinking sushi? Crave is a good choice! Or is it?

Last night I took my daughter and niece shopping. The girls wanted sushi from Crave. I can’t count how many times I have been to this restaurant. In fact, this was my go to place for a while for all my business lunches and group gatherings.

I will start out by telling you that all of us were in t-shirts and shorts – summer attire. At the hostess stand, a female employee gave us the once over and instructed another employee to seat us in the Americana Room. No bigger than a large walk-in closet, this separate space is likely intended for private parties, meetings, or when the place is packed.

While being led to this space, we noticed that there were lots of booths and tables open. Once seated I asked the host if we were seriously being seated here. She ignored me and walked away. We sat for a few minutes before deciding that this segregated seating arrangement was unacceptable.

My daughter told me it was because of all my tattoos and I assured her, in an attempt at humor, that it was the messy buns in their hair.

The waiter finally arrived as we were getting to our feet. I told him we were leaving and he asks if it is because of where we were seated. We confirmed that it was. He immediately offered to seat us in the open dining area but It was too late for that and we declined.

As we were walking out we again noticed all the open booths and tables. Once out of the restaurant, the manager stepped outside and invited us to come back in. We declined and told him they may want to refrain from seating guests in the Americana Room when the main dining space has ample seating available. It sends a very bad message.

I’m happy to report that this story had a positive ending. We opted to dine at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., where we were welcomed with smiles and great service.

Here is what Crave Restaurant website says: “CRAVE Restaurant was built out of a passion to create a dining experience unlike any other. A dining experience where quality, local and regionally sourced food, chic atmosphere, and diverse choices offer guests the opportunity to create their own unforgettable dining experience. The energy of the restaurant is all encompassing–the buzz of guests and staff, the warm and open design, the modern sushi bar, the fresh spin on American cuisine with seasonality, and the sense of discovery around every corner. A CRAVE guest will leave knowing they experienced just the right mix of sophistication, entertainment and service in what can only be defined as The CRAVE Experience.”

It is said that satisfied customers tell 3 friends about their experience, while angry customers tell everyone they know. Looks like Crave might want to do an immediate tune-up with a few of their employees before they offend yet another group…

Hair extensions bust

Hair Extensions Gone Wrong Video

Hair Extensions Gone Wrong Video: It’s just like it sounds, hair extensions gone wrong. One word of advice, when your beautician tells you that your hair isn’t long enough for extensions she’s probably right.

Those who know me, know that at times I can be impatient and pushy. Growing my hair out has been a long process and quite frankly I want long hair NOW.

I wish I would have taken more photos, but once I saw that I was going to look like Garth Algar from Wayne’s World we immediately took them out.

Moral of the story: Listen to your hair stylist!

Have you had any mishaps with your hair, where you went against what your stylist suggested to you? We want to hear about it. Leave us a comment below.

Bacon Hack

Bacon Life Hack Debunked

Bacon Life Hack Debunked: We are always intrigued by life hacks and often wonder if they really work.

This particular life hack says: Running bacon under cold water before cooking will reduce shrinking by up to 50%. Also, always cook bacon in the oven for 10 minutes at 365 degrees for maximum flavoring.

We split up a pack of bacon on two separate sheet pans and cooked them one at a time. One we just put the bacon directly on the pan and the other we ran each piece of bacon under cold water before putting on pan.

Run Bacon Under Water

In the photo above the bacon that was ran under water is on the left and without on the right. As you can see the watered down bacon was smaller and more shriveled up.

photo 3

The bacon cooked at 365 degrees for 10 minutes is in the photo above – we like crispy bacon, the bacon was still raw and fatty so we continued baking. We ended up taking the bacon out at 17 minutes – it could have stayed in 2 more minutes.

Neither of the recommendations worked. Debunked. Either way we had really tasty BLT’s for lunch, so it was a win.

In the comment section below let us know what Life Hacks you want us to test out.


DIY Preparation H Body Wrap Review

Can you really lose weight or inches with hemorrhoid cream and plastic wrap? I did some research on this process and found that this is pretty common among pageant contestants, body builders and military recruits, so I decided to give it a try.


1 tube (newly purchased) Preparation H

1 roll of plastic wrap

I first took my measurements in 3 different areas of my mid section and weighed myself prior to starting the process.

I applied a generous amount of Preparation H to my mid section, then began wrapping it with plastic wrap. I did 2 layers of wrap as I felt it slipping out of place right away.  I put my pajamas on over the wrap and went to sleep for the night.

Preparation H body wrap

Having any part of your body wrapped in plastic wrap overnight makes you very warm, and as someone who has frequent “glistening” spells this was a little bothersome for me, but I made it  through the night.

First thing in the morning I removed my wrap, wiped off the excess cream and took my measurements.

I did in fact lose a total of 3 inches in my mid section and my weight was down by 1/2 lb. I was not sure this was in fact from the wrap or just the normal body difference between evening and morning, so I went about my morning as usual eating and drinking then took my measurements again and they were in fact the same as my evening measurements.

Is this a miracle weight loss process…I don’t think so, maybe if you want to lose a couple of inches and be hungry and dehydrated this would work, but since I don’t have any upcoming beauty pageants or body building competitions diet and exercise are probably the way to go!

bacon bowl

Perfect Bacon Bowl Review

You can’t go wrong with anything that has to do with bacon, right? We picked up the As Seen On TV Perfect Bacon Bowl at our local Target and decided to give it a try.

Watch our video and see what we thought of the Perfect Bacon Bowl.

Leave us a comment below if you have tried the Perfect Bacon Bowl and tell us what you thought!

Ear wax

As Seen On TV WaxVac Review

Shirley can’t get enough of the As Seen On TV products, this time we tried the Wax Vac. The WaxVac ear cleaner is described as a safe and effective way to clean and dry your ears!

Watch the video below and check out our review. If you have tried this product leave us a comment below and let us know what you thought!


Sephora Upside Down Mascara Review

Sephora has come out with a double-brush mascara called the Upside Down Mascara. The latest and greatest mascara claims that you will achieve volume, length, curl, and definition.

Watch our video review and see if we recommend the Upside Down Mascara. If you have tried this product leave us a comment below and let us know what you thought!