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Back to School Tips for Parents

School Supplies

Back to School Tips for Parents: In just a little over a month we will be sending our children back to school. It’s never to soon to start preparing.

Back to school shopping can be a big hit to your finances if you have not planned properly. The average family will spend $669.28 on clothes, shoes, supplies and electronics. This is an increase of almost 5% from last year.

If you take the time and do some planning, you might be able to save your family some time and money.

Here are some tips for getting organized:

Make a list: Check your schools website for their supply lists. Have you child try on their clothes and shoes from last year to see what is actually needed.

Shop at home first: You might be surprised what is left over from last year. Look in your drawers, cabinets and closets to find items from last year that can be used this year. Pencil boxes, calculators, rulers and boxes of pencils and pens all can usually be used for a couple of years.

Create a budget: Be clear with the family what you are able to spend, then figure out what is most needed and purchase those items first.

Check Ads: Check both online and print ads for special buys. Some retailers are even posting special ads on their social media pages.

Shop online: Shopping online lets you compare prices and you are more likely to stick to your list without impulse buying.

Shop consignment stores: After you have figured out what is no longer going to work from last year, you can bring gently used items to consignment stores and either be paid cash or store credit for your things. These are a great place to find designer clothing at budget friendly prices.

Shop for clothing later: Try to only purchase a couple of new outfits to start out the year. Stores start discounting their merchandise at the end of September and beginning of October to make room for their holiday stock. You can get a lot more by shopping for those items once they go on clearance. Plus you are giving yourself an extra month to add to your budget.

Keep the kids home: If you are going to the stores, do the majority of your shopping without the children. They have a real knack for getting you to buy items that are not on your must have list. Then make a special trip with them to pick out their backpack and lunchbox.

If school supply shopping from the convenience of your home sounds enticing, check out the story we did on just that – School Tool Box Online Shopping.

Do you have any tips you follow during back to school time? Comment below so we can share with our readers.

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