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Author: Shirley

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The Healing Powers of Epsom Salt Review

Dr Teals Epsom Salt

The Healing Powers of Epsom Salt Review: We have heard about using this product on ailments but had never tried it until now.

Last week while training for the NYC Marathon, I was having some ankle pain (the kind where you think you may need to see a doctor.) Over the counter medications weren’t easing the pain, so she decided that it would be best to take a week off of training and let it heal up.

Remembering that I had Epsom Salts that I had used for some cleaning projects, I decided to try soaking my ankle. I will be honest, I wasn’t overly confident that it was going to do anything but by now you know that I will try anything once, so I did.

To my amazement by the time I was done with the first soak the majority of the pain was gone. Seriously! I did another soak before bed and was completely pain free after. I had assumed that the pain would return by morning…nothing. I am still going to give my ankle a rest, but the pain is gone.

Epsom salt is not actually salt but a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. Long known as a natural remedy for a number of ailments, Epsom salt has numerous health benefits.

Some of the countless health benefits include relaxing the nervous system, soothing back pain and aching limbs, easing muscle strain, healing cuts, treating cold and congestion, and drawing toxins from the body. One of the simplest ways to get the benefits is to soak in a tub full of hot water with a few cups of Epsom Salt. An Epsom salt bath can help ease pain and relieve inflammation, making it beneficial in the treatment of sore muscles, bronchial asthma and migraine headaches.

Based on how well this worked on my sore ankle, we will definitely be using Epsom Salt more often. Have you had any great results with Epsom Salt? Comment below we would love to share.

Potato Express

As Seen On TV Potato Express Review

Potato Express

As Seen On TV Potato Express Review: Shirley was once again shopping in the As Seen On TV section of the store and ended up coming home with the Potato Express.

Check out our review video to see if the product works like they claim: Perfect potatoes in 4 minutes…

As Seen On TV website says, “Perfect oven baked potatoes in just 4 minutes with Potato Express. Potato Express as seen on TV is the fastest, easiest way to cook perfect oven baked potatoes in the microwave. The secret is the unique insulation design that creates a steam pocket to give your potato just the right amount of moisture; you will have a tender skin and delicious fluffy inside every time.”

We were happy with how the potatoes turned out when they were finally done. Even though it took a bit longer for them cook than advertised it is still very fast for cooking 2 large potatoes and they were done perfectly. In the oven it would have taken at least 45 minutes to bake.

You can purchase the Potato Express here for $9.95. Have you seen any products lately you think we should try? Comment below and we will check them out.

crochete crown

Crochet Baby Crown Pattern Free

Baby Crown

Crochet Baby Crown Pattern Free: While scrolling through my Facebook feed I saw a photo of a baby girl with a crocheted crown on her head and almost died from the cuteness! Seriously! I can’t remember who posted the picture otherwise I would have asked for permission to share it.

On a mission to have a few made for an upcoming baby shower, we commissioned Shirley’s mother Tresa. She not only made one, but made 3 in one day! Starting off with a 0-3 months, she moved on to making a bigger one for the big sister to wear too!

MJ Crocheted Crown

The first one Tresa made she did not make the tail long enough and it took about an hour to complete going step by step. The other 2 only took about 15 minutes each.

DIY crochet baby crown

Tresa is excited to make more of these adorable crowns to donate to a local fundraiser. She did not have Simply Soft yarn, but used the baby yarn she had available, which is a little thinner.

Instead of posting the pattern on our site, we thought we should give credit where credit is due and send you right over to Stitch11.com.

Crochet Baby Crown



Vinegar and Baking Soda Works Wonders

Best Cleaning Products

Vinegar and Baking Soda Works Wonders: We love finding ways to take harsh chemicals out of our daily lives and there are so many different things we have found that baking soda and vinegar work wonders on.

Unclogging Drains: One of our readers sent this idea to us and coincidentally we needed to use this tip just before guests were arriving and water was pouring out from under the kitchen sink.

Directions: Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda down the drain followed by 1 cup of vinegar. Let the mixture work for around 15 minutes then rinse with hot water. Our sink was running clear and we haven’t had any problems since.

Cleaning Scorched Pans

Cleaning Burned Pan: Recently we accidentally left one of our good pans on a hot burner, which resulted in scorch marks.  We believe this would work well on baked on food as well.

Directions: Fill the bottom of the pan with a small amount of water, add 1 cup of vinegar. Bring the mixture to a boil, then turn off the heat. Pour 1/4 cup of baking soda into the pan (watch out for the bubbles.) Let the mixture and pan cool down. If the pan is not completely clean, pour out the liquid then use more baking soda to scrub the remaining marks off.

Clean Your Toothbrush

Disinfect Your Toothbrush: It is estimated that most people’s mouths have literally millions of organisms thriving just on the surface of their teeth. Vinegar and baking soda are both effective disinfectants and can be used to disinfect your toothbrush.

Directions: Pour 1/2 cup of water into a glass, 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, 2 tsp of baking soda and mix well. Place your toothbrush (es) into the glass and leave for 30 minutes. Rinse well.

Do you have any great ways you use vinegar and baking soda in your home? Comment below so we can give them a try!

Ice Cream Sandwich

Walmart Ice Cream Sandwich Melt Test

Ice Cream Sandwich Melt

Walmart Ice Cream Sandwich Melt Test: By now you have probably seen the video of the Great Value ice cream sandwich that never melted. One of our followers asked us to try it out.

This all came about several weeks back when a young boy from Cincinnati accidentally left a Walmart Great Value ice cream sandwich outside. His mother found it 12 hours later and was shocked to find that even on an 80-degree day, the ice cream hadn’t melted.

Dan Collins of KIKN 100.5 in Sioux Falls heard about the non-melting Walmart Ice Cream Sandwich and put it to the test. Watch the video below.

With the sun shining bright we thought today would be a great day. We actually bought 2 kinds: Great Value and Kemps.  We gave the test just a little under two hours.

Walmart Ice Cream Sandwich Test

From the other reviews that we have read, it didn’t come as a suprise that the Kemps melted first. According to the FDA, it’s safe to eat ice cream with corn syrup and those “gums.” We personally wouldn’t recommend eating after letting it sit out in the sun for a few hours.

You can read what Sean O’Keefe, a professor and food chemist at Virginia Tech had to say about ice cream here.

Homemade toothpaste

How to Make Toothpaste Using Coconut Oil

Homemade Toothpaste Recipe Weve Tried It

How to Make Toothpaste using Coconut Oil: Our plan has always been to try and make each and every beauty product that we use daily.  In the wake of recent headlines accusing Colgate Toothpaste of using cancer causing ingredient triclosan, we thought this may be the perfect time for some homemade toothpaste.

DIY health and beauty products have many benefits; budget friendly and free of most harmful chemicals.  The toothpaste recipe we found on Family Sponge was very simple and took less than 5 minutes to make.

6 tbsp coconut oil
6 tbsp baking soda
25 drops essential oil (whatever you prefer— I used Peppermint)


Mix all ingredients together thoroughly in a bowl. Pour into a mason jar and seal it up until ready to use.

Using a popsicle stick to get it out of the jar and onto your toothbrush works well. Do not dip your brush directly into the jar, you will be spreading the germs from your brush into the unused toothpaste.

The recipe we found online called for 1 tsp stevia (or more if you like it sweeter.) Since we did not have any on hand, we made ours without. The baking soda taste comes through pretty strong without the stevia, so next time we are at the store we will pick some up and add it in.

My teeth definitely feel clean after brushing with homemade recipe.

Do you make your own toothpaste? Comment below and tells us what you do different.

Travel Tips

Packing Tips for Business Travelers

Business Travel Tips Weve Tried It

Packing Tips for Business Travelers: One of our female readers asked for tips on packing for a business trip, a task that we’ll readily admit can be daunting.

Airlines now charge a fee for baggage and an additional charge for overweight luggage. Most business travelers favor a carry-on bag, thus eliminating the extra work associated with checked bags and the possibility that a lost or misdirected suitcase may not arrive with the traveler.

That said, savvy business travels have adopted the art of packing light by choosing neutral colored pants and skirts that can be paired with a number of light-weight blouses, scarves and jewelry. Don’t forget to include a nice jacket for dressier events and a pair of great looking shoes that will work for all occasions and are comfortable.

Exercise enthusiasts should also pack a set of workout clothes and athletic shoes. If you have the luxury of checking into your hotel before your first meeting, consider wearing jeans and your running shoes to and from the airport. Not only will you be more comfortable, but these bulkier items won’t take up valuable space in your carry-on.

The best way to keep clothing wrinkle-free is to fill up the suitcase space so that shifting is kept to a minimum. We recommend using interior straps, if available. Take care not to compress the folded items when the bag is closed.

Some travels purchase clothing folders, simple devices that are used to fold shirts and blouses like you might receive them from the dry cleaners. Place them in a plastic bag to further ensure your shirts arrive in great condition.

Toiletries, in miniature, should be placed in a zipper bags to ensure there are no spills. Doing so can save a mishap that could stain the suit you were planning to wear to an important negotiation session. It is also easy to pull out these personal care items for inspection during check-in.

Google your destination before packing to determine the weather during your stay. Will you need a raincoat and umbrella?

A lightweight laptop case that is easy to get into is a great investment. Make sure it has enough room for the rest of your devices and chargers. To ensure everything gets put into this all important case – MAKE A LIST and check it before you leave for the airport.

Do you consider yourself an expert at packing? Comment below with any great tips you have to share.

Travel Clothing and Accessories


Play Doh Plus Product Review and Giveaway

Play Doh Plus Giveaway Weve Tried It

Play Doh Plus Product Review and Giveaway: Recently the iconic Play-Doh brand took it up a notch and introduced Play-Doh Plus.  The new addition is a soft and fluffy compound that allows for a new level of creative detail in PLAY-DOH play.

All of their research has really paid off on the new product. You can tell as soon as you take the bright colors out of their containers how much softer and fluffier they are. It was much easier to work with than the original product.

Play Doh Cupcake Tower

We tested ours out with the Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Cupcake Tower, which comes with both regular Play-Doh and Play-Doh Plus.  Plus works great for making realistic frosting and molded decorations without the crumbling and breaking that would sometimes occur with the original product.

The softer product seems great for smaller children to be able to make their creations on their own. The Plus is much stickier than the original, so I would recommend using it on a clean hard surface. Our cupcake creation was accidentally dropped and came up covered in dust (I guess it’s time to sweep!). Since it is so much softer and stickier it might get stuck in carpet a lot easier.

Play Doh Plus

Interesting fact: When Play-Doh was first developed, it wasn’t a kids’ toy, it was made to clean wallpaper that had been dirtied by soot from home heating systems.

To enter for your chance to win an 8 pack of Play-Doh Plus you must be following us on two of the following sites: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram: @wevetriedit. In the comment section below list the two social sites that you are following WTI. The contest ends at 11:59pm on August 11, 2014. We will pick one winner and announce on our Facebook page by noon on 8/12/2014. Good luck!

National Night Out

31st Annual National Night Out

National Night Out

National Night Out, “America’s Night Out Against Crime”, began in 1984 in an effort to promote involvement in crime prevention activities, police-community partnerships, neighborhood camaraderie and send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back. NATW’s National Night Out program culminates annually, on the first Tuesday of August (In Texas, the first Tuesday of October).

The first National Night Out took place on Tuesday, August 7th 1984. That first year, 2.5 million Americans took part across 400 communities in 23 states. Now, National Night Out now involves over 37.8 million people and 16,124 communities from all fifty states, U.S. Territories, Canadian cities, and military bases worldwide.

The traditional “lights on” campaign and symbolic front porch vigils turned into a celebration across America with various events and activities including, but not limited to, block parties, cookouts, parades, visits from emergency personnel, rallies and marches, exhibits, youth events, safety demonstrations and seminars, in effort to heighten awareness and enhance community relations.

You can find out if your community is involved on NATW.org.


Yurbuds Inspire For Women Earphones Review


Yurbuds Inspire For Women Product Review: I have been running for a couple of years now and have tried many different brands, shapes and sizes of headphones, none of which worked for me.

Some were uncomfortable and hurt my ears. Others bounced around, forcing me to constantly fix the earbuds which would result in me getting frustrated and taking them out.

I was hesitant to try another pair until the clerk at the Running Room told me about Yurbuds Inspire for Women earphones. They are guaranteed not fall out and have a comfortable fit and if I’m not satisfied, I can return them.

Inspire Talk Yurbuds

Yurbuds Inspire for Women Sport earphones are designed specifically to fit smaller ears. Featuring twist lock technology and a FlexSoft comfort fit, these Yurbuds are guaranteed never to hurt or fall out. They are sweat and water-resistant and allow for ambient noise, making them the perfect training partner for any female athlete.

Giving them a good test, I wore them on my 16 mile run. Putting them in with the Twist Lock is quite simple. They are extremely comfortable and the sound was pretty good. I was quite surprised that I never once had to adjust or re-insert throughout the entire run.

I am 100% satisfied with these headphones and am excited to be able to listen to music on all of my future training runs. You can purchase a pair of Inspire for Women here.

Do you have a product you love to train with? Comment below we would love to hear about it.