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BB Facial Hudson WI

Gold Anti Aging Facial BB Makeup Cosmetic Bar

BB Facial Hudson

Gold Anti Aging Facial BB Makeup Cosmetic Bar: It’s been a long time since I have treated myself to a facial and with all the stress of the past couple of weeks I decided now was the time to treat myself to a facial. So I decided to give my friend Brooke from BB Makeup a call and schedule “me time.”

BB Facial

The pampering at BB Makeup starts even before the facial starts. The facial room is beautifully decorated and there is relaxing music playing in the background. Brooke started out by wrapping me in a soft, warm robe and sitting me down in the massage chair. Warmed booties are put on my feet, a warmed neck warmer is placed around my neck and I am tucked in with soft warm blankets. If you think this sounds amazing, it really is and she hasn’t even started the facial yet.

BB Cosmetic Bar Facial

I have had facials in the past and they were all very relaxing, but the facial at BB Makeup was by far the most hands on, in-depth facial I have ever had. For the entire hour Brooke was hands on except for the time I was under the light therapy mask. I was so relaxed throughout the whole facial that I can’t even begin to tell you everything that was done.

BB Makeup Stone Massage

I can tell you that my favorite part of the facial was definitely the hot stone massage. I didn’t even know you could have a hot stone face massage, but trust me you can and it is amazing.

BB Cosmetic Bar Gold Facial

With the gold anti-aging facial you really do get real gold applied to your face. The gold is said to improve skin texture, tone, appearance, redness, elasticity, wrinkles, dark spots, and hydration. Gold facials go all the way back to the time of Cleopatra. She is rumored it to have done it every night to maintain her beauty. I can see why!

BB Light Therapy

My skin has never felt so soft! Ask everyone I have seen today, I have made them all feel how soft my face is. I left Bb Makeup feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I am going to make an effort to have BB facials become a more regular part of my life.

Whether you choose the gold anti-aging facial or any of the other offered I would recommend giving Brooke from BB Makeup a call and schedule an appointment. And while you are there it’s always fun to see the newest makeup products in the cosmetic bar.

Alpaca Balls 2

Alpaca Wool Dryer Balls Review

Alpaca Balls

Alpaca Wool Dryer Balls Review: Go GREEN and save money was the promise when purchasing a set of 100% Alpaca Wool Dryer Balls. After a month of using them for all of our laundry I am definitely sold.

Alpaca dryer balls are felted alpaca yarn designed to bounce around the dryer with the laundry to shorten drying times and reduce wrinkles without exposing your clothes to any of the chemicals in dryer sheets or plastic dryer balls. You can re-use the alpaca dryer balls for years. The best results come when using 3 dryer balls.


As they tumble around the dryer the alpaca balls fluff the laundry and gently pummel it to make it softer. They can also reduce drying time by about 25% by absorbing moisture, which can result in saving money on utility bills.

The alpaca balls help reduce static, but be careful not to over dry the clothes, which can result in the dreaded static cling. I have only noticed minor static in a load of towels which I had accidentally set on the extra dry setting. Speaking of loads of towels, the alpaca dryer balls won’t affect the absorbency of the towels like dryer sheets do.

Alpaca Balls Specialty Meats & Gourmet

The first use is best with a load of wet towels. The balls may initially become a little fuzzy. If this happens, carefully trim off the fuzzy hair with a pair of scissors, and you’re good to go. The dryer balls may shrink slightly with continued use, which is normal.

Do you really like the scent of dryer sheets? Use essential oils to scent your dryer balls. If you do use essential oils send the dryer balls through alone on a short cycle to dry the oil, otherwise you may get oil spots on your clothing.

Do you have a money saving tip or product we should try? Comment below we would love to hear from you.

We purchased our Alpaca Balls at Specialty Meat & Gourmet in Hudson, WI. Thanks Linda and Steve for the recommendation I will be in to get some for Christmas gifts.

Glitter Pumpkins 2

How to Make Glitter Pumpkins

Glitter Pumpkins

How to Make Glitter Pumpkins: After visiting a friend’s house that was decorated with pink pumpkins lining her walkway, my daughter was set on us having pink pumpkins this Halloween.

I decided to use the same idea as my glitter Christmas ornaments and I got out my favorite product: Quickshine Floor Wax.

Quickshine project


Quickshine Floor Wax

Directions: Wash and wipe the pumpkins completely dry and place on newspaper. We found it worked best to have a different piece of newspaper for each color glitter, that way you can pour the excess back into the container.

quickshine art project

Pour your Quickshine Floor Wax into bowl, using a paintbrush to paint the wax onto the pumpkins. Working quickly shake the glitter onto the pumpkins. When you are satisfied with the coverage set aside to dry. The floor wax dries quickly so these make for a fun and quick decorating project. Super simple and they look great!

painting pumpkins

We have a fun centerpiece of glitter pumpkins and most important a happy 8 year old girl!

Glitter pumpkin project

Do you have a fun DIY pumpkin project? Let us know about it in the comments below.

Kidcreate Studio Minnesota

Kidcreate Woodbury MN Studio Review

Kidcreate Studio Woodbury MN

Kidcreate Woodbury MN Studio Review: We had the pleasure of attending a birthday party hosted at Kidcreate Studio in Woodbury, MN yesterday. Now that the weather is beginning to change it is always fun to find new indoor activities to do during the upcoming cold months.

kidcreate mosaic

Our girls made the Magical Mud Mosaic, which the birthday girl picked out from the various pages of project ideas she had to choose from. The instructors did a great job talking the girls through each step and helping when required.

kidcreate beads

The parties run 1.5 hours, which seemed like the right amount of time to get the project done and have pizza lunch that is provided by the hosts. The girls were so excited to show their parents their mosaics masterpieces at pick up time.

kidcreat art project

At Kidcreate Studio they specializes in children’s art classes, camps and art themed birthday parties for kids ages 18 months through 12 years. They also offer ladies night out, homeschool art education programs as well as classes designed especially for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. It seems like they have just about everything covered!

kidcreate finished projects

If you don’t have the time to bring your kiddo in to create, stop by and take a look at their great merchandise to purchase. If you are looking for a creative gift for any age they have a great variety to pick from. Seems like a great place to Christmas shop for the creative kiddos in your life.

Kidcreate merchandise

Kidcreate gifts

If you would like more information on Kidcreate Studio you can take a peak at their website: www.kidcreatestudio.com. Kidcreate also has a location in Eden Prairie, MN.

Punch Recipe

Ocean Water Punch Recipe

Party Punch Recipe

Ocean Water Punch Recipe: This is a fun punch recipe for celebrating your child’s birthday with friends or to just add a “punch” of color to your party table.

I just made this for a combination birthday/last day of school swimming party for my daughter’s class and they all loved it.


Blue Hawaiian Punch


Mix half Blue Hawaiian Punch and half lemonade in dispenser and add ice. Done! It doesn’t get much easier than 2 ingredients.

We decided it would be fun to decorate the dispenser and cups with sea life stickers to really create an undersea world and the kids loved it. For added effect we had a container of the “Fresh Catch Of The Day” (Swedish Fish) next to the punch. Everyone enjoyed snacking on these with their punch.

If we do this again we would add a game to it. Fill a fish bowl with Swedish Fish and have everyone guess how many fish were in the bowl. The winner gets a prize.

This would also be a great punch to make for a boy themed baby shower! Do you have any fun kids party recipes you have tried? Comment below we would love to hear from you.

seasoned skillet 350

How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet

How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet

How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet: I love my cast iron skillet as does my husband. One of us doesn’t care for it properly. I don’t want to point fingers but it’s not me. As you know with cast iron if you don’t take care of it, it can rust.

rusty cast iron

I noticed  our skillet was looking pretty rough and the food was sticking. When properly seasoned a cast iron skillet is smooth, shiny, and non-stick. Ours was none of these. You’ll know it’s time to re-season if food sticks to the surface or if the skillet appears dull or rusted.

cast iron

Luckily re-seasoning a cast iron skillet is a simple process and assures you will continue to love cooking in it.


  • Preheat oven to 325°F.
  • If your skillet is new wash the skillet with warm, soapy water and a sponge or stiff brush. Cast iron should not normally be washed with soap, but it’s fine here since it’s about to be seasoned.
  • Rinse and thoroughly dry the skillet.
  • Using a cloth or paper towel, apply a thin coat of vegetable oil to the inside and outside of the skillet. Vegetable oil is the most recommended oil, but you can use any oil you choose.
  • Place the skillet upside down on the oven’s center rack.
  • Place a sheet of aluminum foil or pan below the rack to catch any drips.
  • Bake for an hour.
  • Turn off heat and allow to the skillet to cool completely before removing from oven.

seasoning cast iron

Oil Cast Iron

baking cast iron

How to reseason cast iron

I have found it works great to season my skillet after dinner, that way the skillet can cool down in the oven overnight.

Do you have any great kitchen tips? Comment below, we would love to hear them!

Sundial Resort and Spa Sanibel Island

Sundial Beach Resort and Spa Review

Missy Germain and Shirley Erdman

Sundial Beach Resort and Spa Review: It’s amazing how a little rest and relaxation on the beach can rejuvenate your mind and body. We just got back from an amazing week spent with our families at the Sundial Beach Resort & Spa on Sanibel Island Florida.

Sundial Resort

Sundial has everything you could possibly need right there on the grounds. You could enjoy your whole vacation without ever leaving the resort. They have recently been making some new upgrades and additions to the resort to ensure  a truly amazing experience.

Sundial Resort and Spa

One of their new addition’s is Bailey’s Marketplace. This market has a great selection of just about anything you could need or want during your vacation. Bailey’s Marketplace offers homemade baked good, freshly brewed beverages, a fantastic selection of deli items, groceries, beach apparel, toys, gifts and just about anything else you may have forgot to pack. We enjoyed being able to stop into Bailey’s to pick up fresh pastries and special treats throughout our stay.

Sanibel Island Sundial

Sundial has also added a state-of-the-art fitness center for guests to get in their exercise. While none of us used the center it looked fantastic through the glass. How great would it be to get your workout in while overlooking the beautiful pool area.

Gulf of Mexico

If you are looking for a little pampering while on vacation or having a destination wedding you will love the new addition of a complete spa to the grounds. The spa offers everything you would expect at a spa. You can choose one service or spend an entire day getting a full pampering from head to toe.

Tennis anyone? Sundial has recently upgraded their tennis courts to new Hydro Grid clay courts as well as offering tennis racket restringing. Whether you are a seasoned player or a first timer everyone can benefit from lessons from Sundial’s tennis pro.

Shirley family

One of the best parts of vacation is all of the new foods to try. At Sundial their restaurant choices will not disappoint. You can choose from a casual meal by the pool at the Turtle’s Pool & Beach Bar or Slice of Paradice Pizza and Ice Cream Shop or head upstairs and enjoy views of the Gulf of Mexico while dinning at the Sea Breeze Cafe’.

Missy family

Getting an ice cream treat at Slice of Paradice made getting my daughter out of the pool a little less dramatic! Our lunch at Sea Breeze Cafe’ was amazing. Our entire group enjoyed different items from the menu and we were all sure ours was the best. Our server was great, he was able to arrange our table so we were all sitting in the shade but still had a front row view of the gulf. We kept him busy finding out the ingredients in our meals that were so delicious we just had to find out how they were made.

Room with a view

The accommodations at Sundial are top notch, they have options for everyone. You can choose from a studio, one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom condo. All condos are equipped with full kitchens with everything you need to prepare full meals or just some quick snacks. There are different options for what view you would like. We had a spectacular view of the Gulf of Mexico from our fourth floor two bedroom condo.

Quick tip, if you are on an upper floor they do have elevators located in the center of the buildings. We located these after bringing our luggage and groceries up to the fourth floor. The two bedroom condo was spacious enough for our group of 6. With the 2 bedrooms as well as a den that converts into a sleeping area it is perfect for a group. If you just can’t disconnect from your job for your entire trip, don’t worry each room is equipped with high speed wireless internet to keep you in touch if needed.

Sundial offers many different activities for when you are done relaxing on the beach. As a resort guest you have use of their kayaks, paddle boards, bicycles and craft’s for the kids. Want to play a friendly game of beach volleyball? They have that too! Sundial Beach Resort is also the newest campus for the Sanibel Sea School. You can choose from half-day or full-day classes that provide interactive classes about the ecosystems and wildlife on Sanibel Island.

Shelling in Sanibel

Our entire group had such an amazing time at Sundial Resort & Spa relaxing and creating family memories that on our way to the airport to head home we didn’t even make it off the island before we started discussing when we could go back.

Thank you Sundial Resort & Spa for a great trip and we will be back soon!

Shirley Flowers

Easter Eggs Breakfast

Easter Bunny Scrambled Eggs

Easter Bunny Scrambled Eggs

Easter Bunny Scrambled Eggs: It can be tough to get the kids away from the goodies left by the Easter bunny in order to eat a healthy breakfast. How about starting out Easter morning with this quick and healthy breakfast that your kids will love.

I saw these on Crafty Little Projects blog and knew this was going to be our Easter breakfast. They are so cute and easy to make.

Scrambled eggs
Whipped cream cheese
String cheese

Directions: Put your scrambled eggs into a small dish, use half a piece of bacon for each of the bunny ears. Spoon some whipped cream cheese into a baggie and snip off the end. Squeeze a small amount of cream cheese on the eggs for the eyes. Place a blueberry on top the cream cheese for the eyes. Pull apart the string cheese to use for the whiskers. To finish off your bunny place a raspberry on top of the string cheese for the nose.

So simple but yet so cute! My daughter squealed with delight when she saw these and is excited to have them again Easter morning. At least I know she will be eating something other than chocolate come Sunday!

Do you have an extra cute Easter morning breakfast idea? Comment below or post on our Facebook page, we would love to see it. Be sure to check out our story on Kool-Aid Easter Eggs here.

Candy Bouquet 350

DIY Candy Bouquet

Candy Bouquet

DIY Candy Bouquet: Are you looking for an easy craft that looks impressive? Then this DIY candy bouquet is something you should try. It makes a great gift for any occasion and is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

It is not difficult to make and can work for just about any budget. We purchased all of our supplies at our local Walmart. We ended up only using half of the candy (bonus for us!), so the entire bouquet came in at under $10.00

DIY candy bouquet

Supplies Needed:
Jar, Vase or cup
Candy sticks
Glass beads (helps stabilize)
Grass or gift wrap crinkle
Small message balloon

Line the jar with different candy bars then place glass beads in the jar to stabilize the candy. Tape your different kinds of candy to the candy sticks and arrange just the way you like. Wrap your jar with ribbon and secure.

In just a few minutes you have your candy masterpiece! I would advise that you over purchase on the candy like I did, that way you can snack and create at the same time. I am much more creative when I am eating chocolate!

Do you have any DIY projects you just love? Comment below or on our Facebook page we would love to hear about them!

Michel Mercier Detangling

Michel Mercier Detangling Brush Review

Detangling Brush

Michel Mercier Detangling Brush Review: Getting my daughter ready for school is always a chaotic scene. The morning is usually topped off with blood curdling screams as I brush her hair for the day. When I saw the Michel Mercier Detangling Brush I decided to give it a try, anything that could possibly reduce the morning chaos is worth a try.

The detangling brush comes in three different colors for different kinds of hair. I purchased mine at my local Target for $14.99, the one they had available was the blue brush for thick hair. I am sure I could have used the green brush for normal hair, but since they only had the thick hair version that is what I got.

Here is what their website says: “Unlike ordinary brushes with only a few contact points, Michel Mercier Detangling Brush uses 428 different contact points simultaneously, reducing pressure and detangling your hair with fewer strokes. The perfectly placed bristles easily flow through your tangled hair like no other ordinary brush!”

Tangled Hair

I have been using the brush for about a month now, and I must say I am very happy with the results. I am able to brush through her long hair easily with no screaming. This is great because I am no longer disturbing her watching morning cartoons. I have noticed that her hair has been less tangled since using this brush and it also works well on wet hair.

Untangled Hair

Our mornings are not miraculously un-chaotic, but this brush has helped eliminate the tears from at least one part of our morning routine!

Have you purchased any products that you love? Comment below and tell us about it!