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Author: Missy

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Makeup Organizer

Zen Cosmetics Makeup Organizer Review

Makeup Holder

Zen Cosmetics Makeup Organizer Review: Thanks to our good friend Jacque for letting us know about the Zen Cosmetics makeup organizer. We love to hear about anything that will keep the clutter to a minimum.

I don’t think Jacque could praise this product any higher… “Seriously the best invention #ever. Now I don’t mix up my lip and eyeliners #iminlove.”

She purchased two for herself and intends on buying more for gifts! Jacque found these gems on Quirky.com and after checking out the site, it looks like we will be doing some shopping too.

Zen Cosmetics is described as a glamorous storage unit that’s designed to hold onto your beauty essentials. Its grippy silicone base accommodates primping tools of varying sizes, from brushes to pencils to tweezers. It’ll keep you looking your best and your counters clutter free.

That mess of makeup tools is a bad look, so we designed Zen Cosmetics’ silicone base to put them in their place. Decked out in an assortment of soft hues, this is one organizer that doesn’t need to be hidden away. It looks flawless right out in the open.

Have you cleaned your makeup brushes lately? We have any easy way to do that here.


Weve Tried It Everyday Life Hacks

Remove Rust with Hot Vinegar Weve Tried It

Cut a Recipe in Half Measurements

Life Hacks WTI

Marker Life Hacks Weve Tried It

Life Hacks Weve Tried It

Weve Tried It Life Hacks

Mascara Life Hack Weve Tried It

Fridge Life Hacks Weve Tried It

Weve Tried It Everyday Life Hacks: We are always on the lookout for new life hacks to try out. If you know of any greats ones please leave us a comment below and we will test them out and see if they really work.

If you like any of the hacks above before sure to share them with your friends.

knife sharpener

Crock Stick Gourmet Knife Sharpener Review

Lansky crock stick review

Crock Stick 4 Rod Gourmet Knife Sharpener Review: If you watched our 4 minute corn on the cob video then you already know that we needed to sharpen our knives. A friend highly recommended Crock Stick to us, so we gave it a try.

This innovative Sharpening System features a solid hardwood base, permanent hand guard and an integral snap-in rod storage under the base. The 4 rod model features 2 medium grit (grey) and 2 fine grit (white) 9″ alumina ceramic rods.

Gourmet Knife Sharpener Instructions from the Lansky website:

The Gourmet Sharpener can be used for either 1-stage or 2-stage sharpening. The grey Ceramic Rods are for sharpening, and the white Ceramic Rods are for polishing.

Set Up- Always begin by placing the Gourmet Sharpener on a stable and flat surface at a comfortable working height.

Black Soap

Dr. Woods Black Soap Review

Dr. Woods Black Soap Review

Dr. Woods Soap Review: If you or someone you know has eczema and can’t seem to get it under control, read on…

We encourage our friends and followers to let us know about products they are using and their satisfaction of how it worked. Our good friend Jenifer had nothing but high praise for Dr. Woods Black Soap.

A little background on Dr. Woods Black Soap also known as Anago Soap or Alata Soap, originates from West Africa. It’s methods and secrets have been passed down from generation to generation to keep the soap close to mother nature and avoid exploitation and imitations.

It is used to help relieve acne, oily skin, clear blemishes and various other skin issues. It can also be used for bathing and washing hair, removing make-up, works against premature facial lines. Dr. Woods should be used by anyone who wishes to improve the quality of their skin.

Jenifer’s Review:

“I have a touch of eczema on the back of my neck. My doctor gave me cream for it a couple years ago. One Google search showed an FDA warning about the cream containing a known cancer causing chemical (Thanks Doc! genius.)

She also wrote out a prescription for meds. Before having it filled I decided to give my “magic” Dr. Woods Black Soap a try. I’ve used this stuff for years in the shower and decided to really scrub the area with it twice a day. It cleared it up within days. As long as I use it in shower it keeps the eczema away.

While on the road I haven’t been able to find the pure form of this Black Soap and the rash has gotten out of control. I kept trying other soaps. Nothing worked. Finally I found the soap here in Sacramento. The rash that I’ve had for a couple of months cleared up within 4 days. This soap is great for everything……skin, hair, clothes, whatever.”

You can purchase Dr. Woods Black Soap here. Let us know if it worked for you in the comment section below.

Rice Cooker

How to Make a Giant Pancake in a Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker Pancake

How to Make a Giant Pancake in a Rice Cooker: You may have already seen the videos on YouTube or social media of giant pancakes made in rice cookers, Weve Tried It wanted see if it really worked.

It’s simple! Make whatever kind of pancake mix you want. We used simple box mix that you just add water. Fill the rice cooker to the half way point, it will rise. Check out the video and see if it worked for us:

The first batch we ending up burning. The Second batch we cooked for only 20 minutes and it turned out good. Our rice cooker is small and after 5 or so minutes it turned off indicating that the pancake was done. It was not, the cook light wouldn’t stay on so we taped the ON button down. After the 20 min is up let the cake sit in the rice cooker for a couple minutes on the warmer.

There are several variations to this recipe, you can add chocolate chips, blueberries, bananas or cocoa powder to the mix. Another method we have seen is where you can cook it overnight in the rice cooker on the warming setting. We will try this another day and let you know.

Have you ever make a giant pancake in a rice cooker? Leave us a comment below and let us know how it worked out for you.

Black bean salsa

Black Bean and Corn Salsa Recipe

Black Bean Corn Salsa

Black Bean and Corn Salsa Recipe: As long as we had some fresh sweet corn laying around we thought we would make some salsa. This is our first time making black bean and corn salsa and it won’t be our last. This recipe is quick, easy and delicious.


2 Ears of Corn
1 Large Jalapeno Diced (seeded)
1/2 Bunch of Cilantro Chopped
1 Large Lime
2 Large Tomatoes (seeded)
4 Green Onions Sliced
1 – 15oz Can Black Beans (rinsed and drained)
Sea Salt and Ground Pepper

Directions: Cook your corn on the cob in the microwave with husk on (you can see the video for microwave corn on the cob here.) Once cooked rinse with cold water and cut the corn off the cob.

In a medium size bowl add chopped jalapeno, cilantro, tomatoes, green onions, corn, can of black beans, squeeze lime juice over mixture and then season with sea salt and black pepper.

Black Bean and Corn Salsa

Serve with tortilla chips or put over a chicken breast, it’s delicious!

Corn on the Cob Weve Tried It

Microwave Corn on the Cob Video

Corn on the Cob Weve Tried It

Microwave Corn on the Cob Video: I’m sure you have heard about microwaving corn on the cob by now. We have actually done this in the past and it works great!

Gone are the days of sitting outside on the front steps shucking a big bag of corn on the cob. It doesn’t get much easier: cook your corn on the cob in the microwave (4 minutes per ear of corn.) Immediately remove from microwave, cut the stem end off and shake the ear out of the husk. Watch our video and see how easy this is:

We also tried boiling the corn in the husk on the stove top to see if that would work too and it did! If you have a different way of cooking or shucking your corn on the cob comment below and let us know.

Hair Color

Going From Platinum to Dark Brown Hair

Platinum to Brown

Going From Platinum to Dark Brown Hair: For the last year I have been platinum (my natural color is medium to dark brown.) The upkeep of platinum hair is very hard if you are someone who doesn’t like having dark roots show all the time.

I loved my platinum for a long time! Because of the frequent bleaching, my hair became damaged and broken. In fact one of the last times that I flat ironed it, I burnt it so badly it looked like I stood too close to a campfire.

Keratin products

My stylist Nan Grekoff (co-owner of Tangled Salon and Spa in Hudson, WI) brought my hair back to life with a cut and recommending the AG series of Keratin products. I am using Refuel Shampoo, Restore Conditioner, Repair Serum and Keratin Repair. I highly recommended these products to repair hair’s cuticle and reverse the signs of damage.


So now that my hair is on the mend, I decided that it was a perfect time to go back to dark. Nan used Kuene Color fill (red) to start. This step is used so that the color absorbs into the hair better and lasts longer. After applying the red she blew it dry and then applied color from the roots to the ends and processed according to the manufacturer.

Missy Before and After

I absolutely love my hair, it looks shiny and healthy! Thank you Nan and Tangled Salon & Spa.


Zip Line Tour Wilderness Resort Wisconsin Dells Review

Zipline 5

Zip Line Tour Wilderness Resort Wisconsin Dells: There is so much to do in Wisconsin Dells! Aside from hitting the water slides, zip lining was at the top of our list.

Myself, Shirley and Lilly soared through the tree tops over Lost Canyon on a tour that spans 6 towers. We watched the canyon pass below our feet as we took the plunge over 60 feet in the air. After taking the first leap our nerves settled down and we had a lot of fun.

zipline 8

We were actually more nervous standing on the shaky tower waiting for our turn, than the actual zip lining.

Our group was really fun and cheered each other on. The guides make sure you are prepared for each jump. We videoed our adventure but you really only get to see us take off and land back on the platform because of the tree cover.

Reservations are required and the cost for resort guests was $45 and the public pays $65. We had to sign a waiver before taking the tour.

Rules, Restrictions and Regulations:

Participants must weigh at least 70 pounds and no more than 270 pounds.
Participants should be in good health and free of neck or back injuries.
Participants must wear closed-toe shoes which secure at the heel. Flip flops and slides may not be worn.
Participants under 17 must have signed permission from parent or legal guardian, and the parent or legal guardian must be present at beginning and end of tour.

The tour is designed for excitement! The tour consists of 6 platform towers & 5 “zips.”  Maximum tower height – 60 feet, maximum speed – 25 MPH, canyon floor – 55 feet down and the longest run – 907 feet.

If you are in Wisconsin Dells not only do we recommend staying at the Wilderness Hotel and Golf Resort, be sure to take the Zip Line Tour – good times!


Juicing For Beginners Tips and Recipes

Juicing Weve Tried It

We decided to jump on the juicing bandwagon or at least give it a try. We tested out two different Breville Juice Fountains and made a vegetable and a fruit drink recipe.

Disclaimer before you watch the video: The first juicer used was borrowed from a friend of ours who uses it religiously and loves it. The blades were dull and it took longer than we wanted so we sped up the video a little to move the process along.

We checked out Dr. Oz’s website and he had some important things everyone should know about before juicing: Only make as much juice as you intend to consume at one time, juice that isn’t consumed right away can harbor bacteria and cause food poisoning and threaten the nutritional value of the juice.

Be sure to wash your fruits and vegetables before juicing. If your fruits have pits be sure to remove before you juice.

If you are juicing as a way to diet and lose weight, make sure you consume at least 2000 calories or more per day depending on your metabolic needs. Don’t starve yourself! It’s important that your body gets a sufficient amount of calories, vitamins, nutrients, protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Remember that you need fiber, to keep your digestive system working smoothly. You can add dissolvable fiber powder to your juices or supplement with prunes or pears.

The health benefits of drinking freshly juiced fruit and vegetables are that they retain most of of the vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals. They help protect against cardiovascular disease, cancer and various inflammatory diseases, like rheumatoid arthritis.

Fruit Recipe: 1 green apple, 2 grapefruit and 2 peaches. Half the peaches and remove the pits, peel the grapefruit and if the apple is too big, cut in half.

Vegetable Recipe: 3 tomatoes, 3 carrots, 1 bunch of parsley and one large cucumber. All these can be put in whole with the peels.

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite juicing recipe is.