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At Home Remedies to Heal Dry Cracked Feet

Fix Dry and Cracked Feet

At Home Remedies to Heal Dry Cracked Feet: If you suffer from dry, cracked feet we have some DIY ideas for you to try. It is important to remember that this didn’t happen overnight, so be sure to give yourself several days to get this under control.

1. We listed this remedy first because it’s seems like the easiest and it will mostly likely work like a charm. Good old petroleum jelly! Apply generously all over your feet, massaging the thick jelly between your toes, all over your heels and on top of your feet. It moisturizes your feet and seals the moisture inside your skin to promote healing. Put on pair of socks immediately after you apply, so you don’t slip. Do this before you go to bed so you can let the petroleum jelly work overnight, then rinse your feet in the morning.


2. For the cracked, rough areas on the soles of your feet, use a foot file or pumice stone after bathing or soaking your feet. This routine is very effective at keeping calluses from building up on the soles. While showering is quicker, give yourself a little relaxation once a week with a bath and then follow with this tip. Always follow up with a thick moisturizing lotion.

Foot Stone and Pumis

3. Soak your feet in lemon juice for ten minutes. Lemon juice is a mild acid that helps to dissolve dead and dry skin for easy removal. Follow with a loofah or soft foot brush to scrub your feet after you’re done soaking them. If you have any cuts you may want wait to use lemon juice until your feet have healed before trying this.

4. After bathing rub your feet down with vegetable oil, especially in the area of the cracks. After a coat good put on a pair of thick socks. A good time to do this would be before bed and then wear your socks while you sleep. Repeat this a few night in a row and you should see results.

5. A while back we did a story called: Listerine and Vinegar Foot Soak Review. We had some of our readers tell us this didn’t work for them after trying it one time. Our guess is that your feet didn’t become dry and cracked overnight. With all of these DIY remedies this isn’t a one time deal. Our recommendation is to pick a remedy and do it nightly until your feet are looking good. Then continue at least once a week to keep them looking soft and healthy. Up Keep!

Listertine foot soak pan

Realsimple.com lists the following lotions as the best foot creams on the market: Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Foot Creme, Elemis Spa At Home Treat Your Feet Foot Cream, Glytone Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream, Ahava Mineral Foot Cream, H20 Plus Hand and Foot Smoother Retexturizing Seaweed Therapy, Bliss Foot Patrol.

Tell us in the comment section below what at home remedies you do to keep your feet feeling baby soft.

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written on 28 June 2014 - Reply

My son has severe callouses and the Vinegar/Listerine soak has helped tremendously. It certainly won’t cure the callouses he is able go longer between treatments.

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