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As Seen On TV Handy Can Opener Review

Handy Can Opener

As Seen On TV Handy Can Opener Review – This past holiday season I had the opportunity to test out a couple of “As Seen On TV” products that are to assist you in the kitchen and make your life just a little bit easier when preparing food.  I’ve included videos that show simple demonstrations of each of these kitchen products:

Handy Can Opener – This product claims that “With one touch this battery operated can opener “walks” around the can and then shuts off automatically” and it does exactly that.

I tried different size cans ever since receiving this product, and it worked every single time with every style of can.  So after testing it many times I finally made a video using it to open a can of tuna prior to making a tuna salad for the holidays.  Simple and easy it is, just place it on the can, push the button and either watch it do its thing, or utilize the time and get other things accomplished at the same time.  There were no sharp edges on the lid or the can when it is finished.  At times you have to snap the lid off the can as shown in the video, but in most cases it removes it 100% and lifts off when removing the opener and stays attached to the magnet.  This is a battery operated product that takes two AA batteries that are not included, so no cords to fuss with.  Great gift idea and a reliable product.  We’ve Tried It and we love it!

You can buy the Handy Can Opener for $14.95.

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