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As Seen On TV EGGstractor Review Video

Eggstractor, product review, as seen on tv, weve tried it

As Seen On TV EGGstractor Review Video – This past holiday season I had the opportunity to test out a couple of “As Seen On TV” products that are to assist you in the kitchen and make your life just a little bit easier when preparing food. I’ve included videos that show simple demonstrations of each of these kitchen products:

EGGstractor – This product claims to “peel hard boiled eggs instantly!” as well as “peels eggs 10x faster & easier!”

It comes with a plastic base, an accordion style pump and a 101-egg recipe guide. Let’s get straight to it; I gave this thing a try on multiple occasions before making the video with no prevail. I really wanted it to work, but it just did not. Even though there are detailed instructions (literally a book) included, I know how to hard boil an egg and have been doing so for decades. My method is to place eggs in cold water with a tablespoon of baking soda, bring water to boil, cover and remove from heat for exactly 10-minutes and then place eggs in an ice bath to cool immediately. My eggs typically peel easily and without frustration, not in this case using the EGGstractor; it is a workout that takes longer than just peeling the eggs yourself. I even went out of my way and bought different types of eggs to be fair to this product, I purchased some from Costco, Target and Cub Foods during the trial period of having this; but still, I couldn’t get a single egg to come out as clean as I would by just peeling it by hand. It also claims on the box to be fun and easy. Watch the video below and ask yourself, does that look fun and easy to you? We’ve Tried It, and we will skip it.

You can purchase the EGGstractor for $10.95

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