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Who We Are


Welcome to Weve Tried It.com! Ever wonder if the latest gimmick, fad or product really work? What restaurants, art & entertainment events are worth checking out? DIY projects are hot? Us too!  We will not only be testing products, we will also video our experience and will be reviewing all aspect of life.

How about when someone has an illness, household disaster or for that matter anything else people have an opinion on, someone always has an idea to try. We will test them out and see if they really work. We would love your suggestions.

We are not trained professionals, we just really want to see if and how these things work. We will give our honest opinion (maybe too honest) after trying them.arts and entertainment

We would love to have your ideas on new products, services or home remedies we should try. If you have a product or idea that you want us to test, email us at: wevetriedit @ gmail dot com.